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VR-Fiber Optic Communication Area

Professional Fiber Optic Communication Products Manufacturer

Start with the first switch machine of Huawei in 1992, Fibconet have gone through nearly 20 years in the fiber optic communication area.


Are Our Core

We adopt finest materials for a brilliant performance, to ensure our products in the low IL, great uniformity, less bubble, small concentricity and aperture. These are our principle and basement to have a good reputation of quality in the FTTH area.

Products Show

Even in the extremely cold environment,like 50 Celsius degrees below freezing,Fibconet
component still maintains good optical transmission performance.No questions for
the 20 years application.

5G Fiber Optical Splice Box

Rossette Distribution Box


Mini Type PLC Splitter

ABS Box PLC Splitter

Plug-in Type PLC Splitter

Fiber Optic Indoor Patch Cord

FTTH Drop Patch Cord

FTTA CPRI Patch Cord

Sc Hot Melt Type Fast Connector

Fiber Optic Distrubution Box

Simplex Fiber Optic Cable

What we differs from others

100% Testing before you get our products

Core calibrator

Core Calibrator

3D Test

3D Test

End Face CheckingEnd Face Checking

End Face CheckingEnd Face Checking

IL&RL Test

IL&RL Test

What Our Clients Say

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