3 Steps Towards a 5G Target Network Blockless PLC splitter

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Operators are oriented towards 5G evolution. The network construction path and construction rhythm can be divided into the following three steps until the smooth evolution to 5G full coverage indoor network. Blockless PLC splitter Blockless PLC splitter
a. The first is the 5G-based indoor network at the current stage. The 5G-based indoor network should have some typical characteristics, such as the peak rate of mobile users reaching the Gbps level, the traffic density reaching the Mbps/m2 level, the active antenna head-end, the visualization of operation and maintenance, Fiber-optic network transmission and value-added service capabilities. Giving current networks the ability to seamlessly evolve to 5G is the best way to protect operator investments and meet new business demands. The 5Gization of indoor networks will gradually cultivate the habit of 5G service users in indoor scenarios, accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of the entire industry, and invest in future networks and services in advance, benefiting both mobile users and operators. The 5Gization of indoor networks will continuously improve the performance of indoor network infrastructure, and prepare for the rapid transition and upgrade of the network to 5G in advance for the evolution of 5G. Blockless PLC splitter Blockless PLC splitter
b. The second is the initial stage of 5G deployment. It will take time for 5G indoor network deployment to integrate LTE network and 5G NR network. In the early stage of 5G deployment, the 5G NR network is quickly superimposed on the LTE network to firstly cover dense user-dense high-capacity scenarios, and then gradually form sheet-like and whole-area 5G NR signal coverage. It is foreseeable that for a long period of time before 5G is fully covered, the currently invested LTE digital indoor distribution network will become the basic coverage network in the entire region, and better LTE network performance can better ensure the consistency of indoor and outdoor user experience. At the same time, the popularization of 5G terminals is also a process of gradual growth. Before the penetration rate of 5G terminals reaches 100%, the currently invested digital indoor distribution network can continue to serve the 4G stock mobile users, so that the Provide mobile users with a seamless mobile experience through LTE network and 5G NR converged networking. Blockless PLC splitter Blockless PLC splitter
c. Finally, when 5G terminals are fully popularized, the entire network will be upgraded to 5G NR indoor network Based on the digital architecture, when 5G terminals are fully popularized, the indoor network can be quickly upgraded to 5G NR indoor network in the whole area. The existing digital indoor network resources deployed in the early stage can be greatly reused and smoothly evolve to 5G. This effectively protects the investment in the room division network and reduces waste. Blockless PLC splitter Blockless PLC splitter
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