5G access security Fused fiber wdm

Optical fiber communication solution in harsh outdoor environment
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1. Satisfy multiple types of terminals, multiple access technologies, and multiple access types To realize the interconnection of all things in the 5G era, the 5G network is not only used for the communication between people, but also for the communication between people and things, and things. and multiple access technologies. In terms of terminal types, there are card terminals and cardless terminals. The terminal with card uses the SIM/USIM card as the user identity and key carrier, and has certain computing and storage capabilities; the terminal without card does not have a built-in dedicated carrier to store the identity key information, and usually uses the IP address or MAC as its own identity, and uses digital Certificates provide security; from the perspective of access type, 5G network needs to support 3GPP access, non-3GPP access, trusted access and untrusted access; from the perspective of access technology, 5G network needs to support 5G new wireless access technology In addition, it is also compatible with technologies such as 3G access, LTE access, WLAN and fixed access. Therefore, 5G network is a heterogeneous type that integrates various types of terminals, access types and access technologies. Different terminals, different access types and access technologies have different security requirements, and use different authentication protocols and key agreement mechanisms. 5G networks need to study and build a unified authentication framework to integrate different access authentication mechanisms. , to meet the security access requirements of terminals with different security capabilities. fused fiber wdm fused fiber wdm
2. Meet typical application scenarios The future 5G network needs to support three typical applications: enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive machine type communication (mMTC) and ultra-reliable low-latency communication (uRLLC). These three types of application scenarios have different access security requirements according to their respective application characteristics. fused fiber wdm fused fiber wdm
The focus of eMBB is to provide ultra-high bandwidth for services such as virtual reality (VR) and big video that have extremely high bandwidth requirements. 3GPP developed the first phase of 5G standards to meet eMBB applications. The access security of eMBB applications is realized by inheriting and extending the access security mechanism of LTE. It is mainly aimed at the security risk of clear text transmission of IMSI when the user accesses for the first time under LTE access. The architecture further enhances the key derivation mechanism to meet the needs of secure transmission at various access levels. fused fiber wdm fused fiber wdm
The main features of mMTC applications are a huge number of terminals accessing the network, no cards, weak security capabilities, low power consumption, limited resources, and small data transmission. According to the traditional access method, multiple interactions are required between each terminal and the network to complete the authentication process and realize network access. Under the mMTC application, if the terminal still uses the traditional access method, it is very likely that a large number of terminals concurrently access the network to generate a signaling storm and cause network congestion; This will speed up battery consumption for low power unattended MTC terminals. Therefore, it is necessary to study a lightweight and secure access method that satisfies the efficient and fast access of MTC devices, including simplifying the authentication mechanism and optimizing the authentication protocol. For the characteristics of the data transmitted by the Internet of Things, which are small and sporadically transmitted, it is necessary to establish a channel for the transmission of small data. fused fiber wdm fused fiber wdm

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