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Classification and application of fiber optic patch cord

Classification of optical fiber connections according to transmission medium.
Classification and application of fiber optic patch cord-BG

Fiber optic patch cord is to connect equipment and optical fiber wiring link by installing connectors on both ends of optical cable. With a thick protective layer, it is generally used for the connection between the optical terminal and terminal box, and it is applied in some fields such as optical communication systems, optical access networks, optical data transmission and local area networks.

According to the different transmission media, optical fiber patch cords can be divided into common silicon-based single-mode patch cords, multi-mode patch cords, and other optical fiber patch cords with plastic as the transmission media. According to the structure of the connector, it can be divided into FC patch cord, SC patch cord, ST patch cord, LC patch cord, MTRJ patch cord, MPO patch cord, MU patch cord, SMA patch cord, FDDI patch cord, E2000 patch cord, DIN4 patch cord, D4 patch cord and so on.

Single-mode Fiber: the fiber patch cord is indicated in yellow, and the connector and protective sleeve are blue. Long transmission distance.

Multi-mode Fiber: generally speaking, the patch cord of optical Fiber is orange, but some are gray. The connector and protector are beige or black. Short transmission distance.

Fiber optic patch cords are widely used in: communication room, optical fiber to home, local area network, optical fiber sensor, optical fiber communication system, optical fiber connection and transmission equipment, national defense readiness, etc. Suitable for cable TV network, telecommunication network, computer fiber network and optical testing equipment.

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