Data-driven solution for the fibconet platform Active optical splitter for 5G project

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1. Closed-loop management of data collection, flow, integration, analysis, and application is the core of the platform solution Platform solutions expand the scope of data collection. With the development of Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, the problems of small data collection, single source, low precision and high cost have been gradually solved, and the depth, breadth and precision of equipment and facilities, production management, and operating environment can be increased. It can solve the original problems that cannot be accurately managed due to missing, delayed and rough data. For example, Dongfang Guoxin installs special sensors for industrial blast furnaces to open the “black” inside iron-making equipment. “Box” to achieve transparency in the production process. The platform solution enhances the timeliness of data application. In the traditional mode, data is stored on the edge side or in a separate Active optical splitter for 5G project Active optical splitter for 5G project
The solution based on the industrial Internet platform greatly improves the perception, analysis, prediction and decision-making closed-loop optimization speed of production and operation status by processing and applying data online and in real time. For example, the tree root interconnection monitors diesel engine equipment through the platform network, quickly locates the fault range and types of accessories when a fault occurs, allocates spare parts inventory on demand, and configures maintenance personnel to improve maintenance response time and one-time repair Active optical splitter for 5G project Active optical splitter for 5G project
Platform solutions widen the field of data application. The industrial Internet platform solution can break the traditional business chimney development model of enterprises, and realize data flow and collaboration between devices, businesses and environments across regions and organizations. For example, CSSC realizes cross-regional and cross-enterprise online visual operation guidance and online feedback of production operation status through the online visual operation guidance application based on the industrial Internet platform, and the delivery time of operation guidance documents is shortened.95% shorter and 90% faster feedback Active optical splitter for 5G project Active optical splitter for 5G project
2. Platform solutions change the path of industrial knowledge accumulation and innovation The platform solution will modularize and softwareize the judgment of experience. A large amount of valuable industrial knowledge and experience accumulated in the process of industrial development in my country has not been precipitated, the number of industrial software is small, and the knowledge in the system cannot be split and extracted, and it is difficult to reuse. The model of “passing and mentoring” is still an important way to pass on industrial knowledge. It takes several years or even decades to cultivate talents, and the flow of talents will bring unpredictable losses to enterprises. The industrial Internet platform solution has changed the way of industrial knowledge transmission. Based on the industrial mechanism model and microservice components aggregated on the platform, engineers can develop industrial APPs with lower cost, higher efficiency and more scalability. Such as Sowin software and modularize the knowledge of precision equipment, through data analysis, calculation and verification, to form a truly credible and usable industrial APP, which provides an effective path for industrial knowledge Active optical splitter for 5G project Active optical splitter for 5G project
Platform solutions apply big data and artificial intelligence to promote knowledge innovation. my country’s industrial development has long adopted extensive production management methods, and there is a lot of room for optimization in all aspects of enterprise research and development, production, sales, service, and management. The platform solution can apply big data, artificial intelligence and other technical means to conduct in-depth mining of industrial big data, and deduce new solutions that are difficult to gain insight. For example, by recording the wear and deterioration of key components of CNC machine tools, using big data deduction and model calculation, Languang predicts the trend of equipment failures and sends reminders in advance, which changes the traditional solutions such as relying on the judgment of the master and regular equipment maintenance to avoid sudden changes. losses caused by major Active optical splitter for 5G project Active optical splitter for 5G project
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