FTTH Series Design Engineer Jin Gong

Jin Gong is an outstanding FTTH product designer.
With his talent for spatial imagination and amazing enthusiasm, he still insists on designing product drawings in his 70s.
Since he joined the communication industry in 1986, he has designed and put more than 300 products into the market, leading the trend of optical communication products.
In order to make the design conform to the national conditions of various countries in the world, he has been to more than 40 countries to participate in exhibitions and stays in Jakarta for more than one month every year.

Jin Gong’s Design Philosophy



Jin Gong focuses on designing ergonomic products that meet functional requirements. One of his design principles is to use the limited space to achieve as many functions as possible.



For cost control, Jin Gong insists that products need to use high-quality raw materials, and implements cost control and product simplification through the following three methods. ①Different levels of design to meet unique needs. ②Standardized production line. ③ Optimize the product structure.



When Jin Gong visited European countries, he was curious about the local people's demand for product aesthetics. After that, he devoted himself to jumping out of the inherent framework of the product, spreading his imagination, and designing works like works of art, which met people's aesthetic needs.

Design Life of Jin Gong



The earliest group of college students in China continued their studies as section chiefs at No. 35 Factory, discovered their talent in mechanical design, and started their design career from then on.



After being the chief designer for many years, he tried to design with three-dimensional patterns for the first time, and completed the leap from 2D to 3D. With its excellent performance, this product is still used in the Korean military.

Jin Gong’s perception

Whether it is for life or product design, he acts serious, responsible and enthusiastic.


Future Of FTTH Desigh


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