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Platform Core Capabilities resource gathering ability. COSMOPlat gathers the effective needs of a large number of users, attracts designers, module vendors, equipment vendors, logistics vendors and other resources, forming a strong user and resource advantage. For example, the open innovation sub-platform can realize the innovative interaction between users and expert communities, research institutions, technology companies, etc., and provide first-class innovative solutions; the intelligent intelligent manufacturing sub-platform can realize the order interaction between users and equipment manufacturers, manufacturers, etc., and realize the process of transparency and reliability. See. Knowledge precipitation ability. Haier has more than 30 years of manufacturing practice, covering seven major business links, including interactive customization, open R&D, digital marketing, module procurement, intelligent production, intelligent logistics, and intelligent services. The mechanism model, micro-service and industrial APP can improve the efficiency of enterprise upgrading. passive optical splitter gpon passive optical splitter gpon
Platform service capabilities. The first is the user-driven intelligent manufacturing capability. The platform has a complete set of upgrade capabilities from standardization, modularization, automation, informatization and intelligence, enabling the interconnection of people, machines, and materials, and realizing user-order-driven single-batch production of 1. The second is the ability to integrate the industrial chain. By combining the upstream and downstream design, intelligent manufacturing, service and other resources of the enterprise, the ecological ability from customized products to customized services has been formed. For example, the upgrade from RV customization to smart travel customization has been realized. passive optical splitter gpon passive optical splitter gpon

Solutions and Results
COSMOPlat’s mass customization solution covers seven major links in the whole process.
User interaction solutions: From limited purchase to unlimited co-creation, let users become designers. Based on the user’s multi-interaction community, the fragmented and personalized needs of users are collected and integrated, and the plan is continuously interactive and iterative, allowing users to review and select the plan that meets the needs, and verify the feasibility through the integration of virtual and reality technology. “Precision”.

passive optical splitter gpon
passive optical splitter gpon

Iterative R&D solutions: From closed to open, let the world become the platform R&D department. With R&D centers all over the world as contacts, it links 3.2 million first-class innovation resources around the world, and provides innovative resource support for enterprise transformation through services such as demand definition and release, search and matching modules, project docking modules, and negotiation support modules. passive optical splitter gpon passive optical splitter gpon
Precision marketing solutions: from finding customers for products to finding products for users, to promote precise docking. Based on SCRM member management and user community resources, realize demand data, industry Business data, data parallelization, modeling and analysis of data, forming user portraits and tag management, realizing precise marketing of thousands of people and thousands of faces, and providing enterprises with user product demand forecast To the service of user scenario prediction. passive optical splitter gpon passive optical splitter gpon

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