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Due to the differences in the position of the industrial chain, production characteristics, business needs and the level of integration of the two industries, the application promotion of the industrial Internet platform is not at the same pace in various industries at this stage, and the application focus and development path show relatively obvious industry characteristics. multimode fiber splitter multimode fiber splitter
1. Industries with a high level of integration of industrialization and industrialization lead platform innovation applications From the perspective of development, industries with a relatively high level of integration of industrialization and industrialization, such as electricity, electronics, and home appliances, will upgrade their manufacturing technology, information technology, management technology, and knowledge accumulation due to their relatively mature manufacturing technology, information technology, management technology, and knowledge accumulation. The transformation is less difficult, and it has more advantages in the ability and cost of applying the industrial Internet platform. From the perspective of development needs, industries with a high level of integration of industrialization and industrialization are moving towards the stage of networked development, which can more effectively utilize the new technologies and new solutions provided by the industrial Internet platform, innovate application models, and open up new development space. multimode fiber splitter multimode fiber splitter
2. The more intense the industry competition, the faster the pace of transformation to “product + service”. my country’s industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, and industries represented by transportation equipment manufacturing and machinery are facing structural adjustment, slowing demand, and homogeneous competition. Intense pressure and so on. Providing value-added services such as products + services and carrying out service-oriented transformation are effective ways for enterprises to obtain greater value space and enhance sustainable competitive advantages. Taking the equipment manufacturing industry as an example, on the one hand, based on equipment operation data, it conducts online real-time monitoring, fault analysis, predictive maintenance, remote operation and maintenance and other management of equipment assets, and provides diversified value-added services; on the other hand, based on user usage data It provides innovative services such as leasing, insurance, and loans around high-value equipment, and promotes the formation of social collaboration and cross-border integration. multimode fiber splitter multimode fiber splitter
3. The process industry takes the lead in the construction of platform-based comprehensive management and control of safety and environmental protection. First, the steel, petrochemical, mining and other industries have the characteristics of high energy consumption, high emissions, high risk, and complex processes. Safety issues and environmental protection issues have become constraints on the development of the industry. The main bottleneck, the industrial Internet level Combining new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, Taiwan has provided new energy control and security control solutions for these industries, improving the overall refined control level of enterprises in the industry. For example, Youye developed a blast furnace gas intelligent balance system for an iron and steel enterprise in the east.At present, the intelligent joint adjustment and operation of coal gas can reduce 3% of the total blast furnace gas emissions each year, and save about 17 million yuan in energy. Second, in the fields of food and medicine, which are widely concerned by consumers, product quality and safety is the primary pain point faced by the industry, and platform-based product quality management throughout the entire process has become the focus of application. multimode fiber splitter multimode fiber splitter

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