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Although my country’s industrial Internet platform has made some progress, it is still in the early stage of development in general, and there are common problems such as insufficient platform terminal connection, insufficient resource element aggregation, and the level of modularization and platformization of manufacturing capacity to be improved, which restricts the utility of the platform. important bottleneck. Since the industrial Internet platform is still a new thing, there is no mature experience for reference, so all sectors of society need to actively cooperate, explore, develop and innovate, and form a joint force Promote the healthy development of the platform, maintain strategic focus and endurance, strive for practical results, and help my country’s manufacturing industry to transform and upgrade. Active optical splitter for 5G project Active optical splitter for 5G project Active optical splitter for 5G project
(1) Carry out platform innovation application projects to apply value It is a long-term iterative, trial and In the process of error and evolution, it is not only necessary to promote the construction of support platforms, but also to guide industrial enterprises to use platforms with application values, and to promote the iterative development of industrial Internet platforms with practical application effects. The first is to improve the basic capabilities of cloud-based transformation of manufacturing resources. Guidance equipment manufacturing, electronics Information manufacturing and network communication enterprises should strengthen cooperation, build open and compatible equipment communication interfaces and transmission protocol standards, establish a hierarchical and classified industrial equipment data collection system, realize the bottom-level standardization of manufacturing resources, and promote the interconnection of manufacturing resources, data and services. and seamless docking. The second is to study and formulate implementation guidelines for promoting digital transformation of enterprises based on platforms. Roll out the business demand map of industrial enterprises by industry and field, and industrial enterprises on the platform Use the tools and methods of the platform to drive the large-scale application of the platform according to the needs of the enterprise. The third is to strengthen pilot demonstrations to lead the way. Encourage enterprises with foundation, demand and motivation to carry out business optimization and model innovation based on the platform, carry out typical case mining through multiple channels, summarize experience, and explore the formation of replicable and generalizable theories and models. The fourth is to strengthen publicity and promotion. Build an exchange and cooperation platform involving government departments, scientific research institutions, industry enterprises, etc., build a training system, unify the cognition of all sectors of society, and promote experience exchange and achievement sharing. Active optical splitter for 5G project Active optical splitter for 5G project Active optical splitter for 5G project
(2) Promote the construction of open source communities and build a platform open source technology system Drawing on the practical experience of innovation and development of the global software industry in recent years, the establishment of an open source technology system for the industrial Internet platform is an important entry point for building an open market ecosystem, which can effectively pool wisdom and power, improve innovation capabilities, and break traditional industrial closed technology systems and values. barriers, and accelerate technological innovation and achievement transformation. One is to promote the establishment of an open source community. Encourage large-scale leading enterprises in various fields to join forces, gather platform developer resources, cultivate key open source projects, and jointly develop platforms around common software and hardware technologies such as industrial PaaS, manufacturing resource modeling and platformization, edge computing, security and trustworthiness, etc. The core problem-solving action is to empower the industry, share wisdom, and share benefits in the form of open source technology. The second is to promote the transformation of open source achievements. Innovate the application mechanism of open source technology, rely on platform user enterprises and typical application scenarios, cultivate a group of innovative application scenarios and business models suitable for open source technology, encourage enterprises to use open source technology for technology research and development, business expansion, and promote the iterative update of open source technology research and development results, Create an open source industrial ecosystem with self-hematopoietic capabilities. Active optical splitter for 5G project Active optical splitter for 5G project Active optical splitter for 5G project

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