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Fibconet strengthens the construction of the standard system and guides the coordinated development of platform specifications Passive splitter box

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Our country’s industrial Internet platforms develop independently and fight against each other. There is a lack of unified standards in terms of business requirements, architecture, functions, interfaces, applications, and interoperability, which restricts the orderly development and large-scale application of platforms. It is urgent to strengthen the construction of the standard passive splitter box passive splitter box
The first is to build and improve the industrial Internet standardization promotion work organization, establish a cross-departmental and cross-standardization technical organization collaborative working mechanism, build a government-led and market-independent integration promotion method, and coordinate the development of industrial Internet platforms. Standardization work. The second is to accelerate the construction and improvement of the industrial Internet standard system, formulate guidelines for the comprehensive standardization of the industrial Internet, clarify the industrial Internet standard system, and formulate a roadmap for industrial Internet standardization. Organize and carry out research on integration standards such as the reference system architecture and management mode of the industrial Internet platform. The third is to innovate the standard formulation and application promotion mechanism, based on enterprise application verification, summarize the development law, carry out standard formulation and revision, and accelerate the application and promotion of standards through publicity and training, consulting services, testing and evaluation, passive splitter box passive splitter box
Accelerate the improvement of the industrial data cooperation mechanism and innovate the data sharing model Data is the blood of the industrial Internet platform, and the small amount of data, few types, and low quality of industrial Internet platforms in my country restrict the development of key platform capabilities such as industrial data modeling and analysis, industrial mechanism model precipitation, and industrial APP passive splitter box passive splitter box
First, the government should accelerate the opening and sharing of data resources, drive the opening of platforms, enterprises, industries and commercial data, maximize the release of the social efficiency of the industrial data economy, and promote the improvement of platform service models and platform capabilities. The second is to accelerate the construction of industrial data classification and cooperation mechanisms, carry out research on the standardized management of industrial big data classification and classification, and promote the construction of industrial data spaces in key industries and regions. Improve data value assessment, security and trust, and transfer transaction mechanisms, and promote online transactions and on-demand sharing of manufacturing capabilities. The third is to promote data interaction and sharing with platform value. Each platform should strengthen its own platform service capacity building, platform service value upgrade, and enhance the aggregation effect of platform data on innovative elements such as capital, talent, and technology, so as to realize products, services, data, and funds. The efficient circulation of the platform enhances the platform integration benefits and synergistic passive splitter box passive splitter box

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