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Optical passive devices are an important part of optical fiber communication systems. Optical passive devices are particularly important in today’s development of optical fiber communication to large-capacity and high-speed. This year, new materials, new processes and new products are constantly emerging, and optical passive devices are facing a period of rapid Mini Type PLC Splitter Mini Type PLC Splitter
1) Fiber Optic Connector Optical fiber (cable) active connector is an optical passive device that realizes active connection between optical fibers. It also has the function of connecting optical fibers with other passive devices, optical fibers and active devices, and optical fibers with systems and instruments. On the basis of further improving the performance of the optical fiber active connector, it develops in the direction of miniaturization and Mini Type PLC Splitter Mini Type PLC Splitter
① Further improve the performance indicators of optical fiber active connectors The current insertion loss ranges from 0.1dB to 0.5dB, with an average value of 0.3dB, which is relatively high and has a large variation range. With the improvement of machining accuracy, strive to reduce the average value to below 0.1dB and the variation range to about 0.2dB. Changing the geometry of the pin end face is an effective way to improve return loss. It can be expected that the pins with flat end faces will be gradually eliminated, the pins with spherical and oblique spherical surfaces will exist at the same time, and the demand for spherical pins will still dominate. In addition, the use of new processing technologies such as coating technology to improve return loss can reduce the processing accuracy requirements of parts, and can improve the consistency and interchangeability of the two Mini Type PLC Splitter Mini Type PLC Splitter
② Miniaturization With the development of the optical fiber access network, the connectors currently used have shown the disadvantages of being too bulky and expensive. Therefore, miniaturization is the development direction of optical fiber active connectors. One way to miniaturize fiber optic connectors is to reduce the size of single-core fiber optic connectors and develop miniaturization (SFF) connectors, such as Swiss Diamond’s E-2000 connector, American Lucent’s LC connector and Japan’s NTT company’s MU connector, etc., their pin diameter is only 1.25mm. Another method for connector miniaturization is to develop multi-core optical fiber connectors suitable for ribbon fibers, namely MT-type series optical fiber connectors. Ribbon optical cable has the advantage of being integratable, and is a type of optical cable that has developed rapidly this year. It has the following advantages: small size, light weight, high density; injection molding, good consistency, suitable for mass production; Low insertion loss; good stability. With the trunk network, users With the development of network and local area network, ribbon optical cable connector will become the direction of connector Mini Type PLC Splitter Mini Type PLC Splitter
③ Integration The optical fiber activator not only has the connection function, but also has other functions. Therefore, integration is an important direction of its development. Now there have been some integrated multi-functional products, such as fixed attenuators with the same shape as various converters; they can not only be used as FC converters, but also can adjust the attenuation of light continuously (0 ~ 25dB). Variable attenuators, etc. The integration of optical fiber active connectors not only increases the function of the connector, but more importantly, the body height The density and reliability of other devices bring great convenience to Mini Type PLC Splitter Mini Type PLC Splitter

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