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Fiber optic cable splicing and termination steps Fiber audio splitter

Materials prepared for installation

Table of Contents

1. Construction preparation:
① The connection environment should be dustproof, waterproof and shockproof. It is best to choose it in the connection car. If there are no conditions, a connection tent should be used, and a workbench and a work chair should be set up;
② Arrange the connection point and test point personnel in place.
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2. Cable stripping:
① Before stripping, check whether the connected optical cable is damaged or squeezed and deformed;
② Straighten out the optical cable and make reservations according to the regulations;
③ Scrub the 3000mm end of the optical cable with cotton yarn, and cut off the 200-300mm end of the optical cable;
④ Put on a heat-shrinkable sleeve suitable for the outer diameter of the optical cable;
⑤ Confirm the A and B ends of the optical cable;
⑥ Do shielded wire;
⑦ Clean up the ointment;
⑧ Use an insulation shaker to test the ground insulation of the metal components of the optical cable;
⑨ Pay attention to the depth of infeed.
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3. The optical cable is fixed in the connector:
① Ensure that the optical cable will not be loosened, and the tightening screw should make the reinforcing core bend;
②The length of the reinforcement should be paid attention to when fixing the reinforcement. 
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4. Stripping the optical cable bundle:
①Determine the position of the bundle tube stripping, pay attention to straighten it out;
②Cut the bundle tube, pay attention to using a knife;
③Remove the bundle tube, pay attention to the uniform speed;
④Wipe off the ointment and pay attention to cleanliness;
⑤Put the bundle tube into the storage tray, and fix both ends with nylon cable ties. Be careful not to pull the cable ties too tightly;
⑥Pre-reel the optical fiber, so that the splice point after the connection can be placed in the fixed groove of the optical fiber protection tube, and cut off the redundant optical fiber. 
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5. Optical fiber core fusion:
①Keep the workbench and fusion splicer clean during the whole process;
②The optical fiber connection should be connected one by one in sequence, and no cross-connection is allowed. 
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6. Continue index test:
①After connecting 2 cores, notify the test point to test, pay attention to test two directions and two windows;
② After the test indicators are qualified, inform the connection point to heat-melt the 2-core fibers one by one. 
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7. Fiber protection tube heating:
Move the protective tube to the middle of the fiber connector; after the protective tube is cooled, remove the protective tube and confirm that there are no air bubbles in the tube. The subsequent optical fibers are spliced and thermally fused one by one according to the above method.
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8. Optical fiber storage:
①Contain it step by step, pay attention to the immediate containment of each tube;
②Fix the optical fiber protection tube, pay attention to safety and firmness;
③Check after containment, pay attention to bending radius, extrusion and force;
④ After closing the disk cover, notify the test point to retest.
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9. Encapsulation of optical cable splice box:
The importance of sealing (①to prevent water from entering the joint box; ②to bury the joint box directly to prevent termites);
Sealing operation (①Optical cable and splice box, pay attention to grinding ②The sealing of the upper and lower covers of the splice box, pay attention to the even placement of the sealing tape). 
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