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A.The splicing of the optical fiber should generally use the fusion splicing method according to the design requirements, and the bonding method can also be used, and the following requirements should be met: 1. No matter which connection method is selected, in order to reduce the connection loss, quality monitoring should be adopted in the whole process of optical fiber connection, and the method in Appendix III can be referred to. 2. The joint loss should be measured after each process in the connection is completed. Refer to the method in Appendix III. 3. When using the fusion splicing method, the heat shrinkable tube method, the sleeve method and the V-groove method can be used after the optical fiber fusion splicing is completed and the test is qualified. fiber dwdm price fiber dwdm price
B. After the optical fibers are all connected, the remaining length of optical fibers should be placed in the storage tray according to the following requirements: 1. According to the different structure of the optical cable joint sleeve (box), the residual fiber is coiled on the skeleton according to the process requirements. The winding direction should be the same; 2. The bending radius of the optical fiber coil should be larger than the radius of curvature specified by the manufacturer, and the joint part should be straight and free from stress; 3. After the optical fiber is left in the coil, apply a buffer material such as sponge to press the optical fiber to form a protective cover, and then move it into the connector sleeve. fiber dwdm price fiber dwdm price
C. The direct buried optical cable should first dig the joint pit. The joint pit should be located on the right side of the routing direction. The bottom of the pit should be flat without gravel, and should be covered with 10 cm thick fine soil or sand. D, after the buried optical cable is connected, the insulation resistance of the cable sheath to ground should be tested. E. The connection of the reinforcing core should meet the following requirements: Cut the strength core of the optical cable according to the required length and connect it according to the process requirements. The crimping of the metal casing should be firm, the pressure points should be uniform, and the casing should be straight after the pressing. The metal casing should be protected by heat shrinkable tube or plastic casing. fiber dwdm price fiber dwdm price
F. The connection of the aluminum sheath of the comprehensive sheath on both sides of the joint should be handled according to the design requirements. The connection (lead) wire of the aluminum sheath can refer to the following practices: Use a cable cutter to open a 2.5 cm longitudinal opening at the opening of the aluminum sheath without the optical cable axis, then turn 90 degrees and bend it to a length of 1 cm to form an “L” shape, and then clamp the cable end clip with the aluminum sheath. And crimp, and then fix with PVC glue. fiber dwdm price fiber dwdm price
G, copper wire connection should meet the following requirements: 1. Plastic insulated copper wires should be connected with all-plastic cable terminals. 2. The connection point of the copper wire should be about 10 cm away from the center of the optical cable connector. When there are several pairs of copper wires, it can be connected on both sides. 3. After the remote supply copper wire is connected, the DC resistance, insulation resistance and insulation strength should be tested to check whether the connection is good. 4. After the copper wires in the underwater optical cable and the buried optical cable are connected, the DC resistance, insulation resistance and dielectric strength should be tested and should meet the requirements of the national standard for the electrical performance of the copper wire of the communication cable. fiber dwdm price fiber dwdm price
H. When the service copper wire adopts the induction, the induction coil and compensation capacitor should be installed according to the design requirements. The installation should be stable, the copper wires should be connected correctly, and there should be no mechanical damage. I. The encapsulation of the optical cable joint sleeve (box) shall meet the following requirements: 1. The encapsulation of the joint casing is carried out according to the process requirements; 2. A bag of moisture-proof agent and a joint responsibility card should be placed in the joint casing. 3. If the heat shrinkable sleeve is used, the heating should be uniform, and it must be carried out from the middle to the two ends. After the heat shrinking, the cooling buckle can be moved in place; after heat shrinking, the appearance is required to be beautiful, and there is no bad condition such as burning. 4. After the package is completed, the joint loss should be tested and recorded, and if the ground wire needs to be drawn out, it should be checked whether it meets the design requirements. fiber dwdm price fiber dwdm price


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