Guide of Waterproof Fiber Optic Connectors

Waterproof fiber optic connector is a specialized connector designed to provide a watertight seal and protect fiber optic connections from moisture, water ingress, and other environmental elements.
TE ODVA waterproof connector
Table of Contents

1.What is Waterproof Fiber Optic Connectors

Waterproof fiber optic connectors consist of two main components:

  • Flanges
  • End connectors.

Line-end connectors consist of a housing that houses the fiber and a connector that connects the fiber.

The wire end connector includes a pluggable inner shell. Both the optical fiber and the connector are cylindrical, and the outer shell is also cylindrical to connect to the inner shell.

The inner housing is placed within the outer housing, and the optical fibers and connectors are positioned within the outer housing.

  • The inner shell: composed of a main body and a waterproof tail clip installed at the rear end of the main body.
  • The waterproof end clip: made of elastic material through which the optical fiber passes.

The front end of the main body of the inner shell press against the first protruding part to ensure tight connection and waterproof. The end of the body of the inner casing against the first bump on.

2. Features of Waterproof Fiber Optic Connector

① High toughness thanks to the metallic outer shell.

② LC adaptor built into receptacle (connection for LC plug on both the device’s internal and   

plug mating sides)

③ The LC connector’s and outer shell’s double lock ensures a highly reliable connection.

④ A cable retention wire can be accommodated.

⑤ We provide this product with harness processing to satisfy the needs of the customer.

3. What is IP Rating of Connector

 Ingress Protection (IP) is a standard that defines how well a device can protect from solid items and liquids.

The first number in an IP rating denotes the level of protection against solids (such as dust, dirt and dampness), while the second number denotes the level of protection against liquids.

The table below outlines the solid and liquid protective capabilities of each IP level.

IP Rank of waterproof fiber optic connectors

4. Common Types of Waterproof Fiber Connector

① ZTE and Huawei PDLC waterproof connector

waterproof fiber optic connectors

② TE ODVA waterproof connector

TE ODVA waterproof connector

③ Japanese Senko IP series

Japanese Senko IP series waterproof connector

④ Rosenberger waterproof connector

Rosenberger waterproof connector

Chinese triangular bayonet ODVA waterproof connector

Chinese triangular bayonet ODVA waterproof connector

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