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Production workshop

Cutting optical fiber Left-P
Cutting optical fiber

In cutting fiber, we choose high quality fiber raw materials. All cutting procedures adopt automatic cutting, with less error and higher efficiency. After the cutting step, we will strip the fiber.

End face granding

Grinding takes about 15 minutes, then polishing, about 12-15 minutes. After polishing, use a 200-fold magnification detector to check whether the end face is smooth, if not, need to grinding back.

End face granding-R

Coupling is the core and key step of PLC production, which needs to be completed in the dust-free workshop above 100,000 level, and the technical requirements for operators are particularly high.

UV Curing

In the whole production process, there are three stages of UV curing. The first one takes 120 seconds to dry the epoxy glue with ultraviolet light. Second, 30 minutes.Third, 30 minutes.After repeated uv curing, ensure that the glue is completely dry.

UV Curing-R
High temperature baking-L
High temperature baking

In the whole production process, there are two stages of high temperature baking. Each high temperature bake at 85°C for 8 hours. Ensure that the fiber optic array can maintain the normal operation of the product in high temperature environment.

High-low temperature cycle

In the high-low temperature cycle, we put the optical fiber into the environment of -40°C~85°C for the experiment, and it takes 4 hours from the lowest temperature to the highest temperature. Our whole test lasts for 12 hours in total. During the production process, we conduct two cycles of high and low temperature test.

High-low temperature cycle-R

Testing Equipment

Core calibrator

Core Calibrator

3D Test

3D Test

End Face CheckingEnd Face Checking

End Face CheckingEnd Face Checking

IL&RL Test

IL&RL Test

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