2 year’s innovation-Fibconet New Model-SC Fast connector

2 year’s innovation-Fibconet New Model-SC Fast connector-NP
To share with you a new fast connector

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To share with you a new fast connector which you still can not find in the market elsewhere.

And just write 3 tips for the advantage reference:
1. After 2 years of research and development results, hundreds of times product and model tests, there is only one on the market at present
2. The application of ceramic ferrule leads to low loss and strong stability
3. The improvement of cover parts, no need for the extra accessory, easy and efficient to open the lid, one piece of multi-function.

1. Distribution frames
2. Maintenance or emergency restoration of fiber networks
3. Patch panels
4. FTTH Outlets
5. Field word

Can’t finish in one article, for example,we adopt the flexible material of lid… If you are interested in opening in your market or be our agent, feel free to contact us and more detailed information will be offered.

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