5G network architecture design of fibconet Fiber optic splitter box

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5G network architecture design includes two aspects: system design and networking design. The system design focuses on the realization of logical functions and the information exchange process between different functions, and builds a unified end-to-end network logical architecture with more reasonable functional plane division. The networking design focuses on the implementation of equipment platforms and network deployment, so as to give full play to the potential of the new infrastructure environment based on SDN/NFV technology in terms of networking flexibility and security. fiber optic splitter box fiber optic splitter box

5G system design: logical view and functional view, 5G network logical view consists of three functional planes:
Access plane, control plane and forwarding plane. The access plane introduces multi-site collaboration, multi-connection mechanism and multi-standard fusion technology to build a more flexible access network topology; fiber optic splitter box fiber optic splitter box

The control plane, based on the reconfigurable centralized network control function, provides on-demand access, mobility and session management, supports refined resource management and control and comprehensive capability opening; the forwarding plane has distributed data forwarding and processing functions, providing More dynamic anchor point settings and richer business chain processing capabilities. Based on the overall logical architecture, the 5G network adopts a modular Functional design patterns, and through the combination of “functional components”, build dedicated logical networks that meet the needs of different application scenarios. The 5G network takes the control function as the core and the network access and forwarding functions as the basic resources to provide management orchestration and network opening services upwards, forming a three-dimensional network.Layer network functional view, where: fiber optic splitter box fiber optic splitter box

Management orchestration layer: It consists of three functions: user data, management orchestration, and capability opening. The user data function stores information such as user subscriptions, service policies, and network status. The management and orchestration function is based on network function virtualization technology , enabling on-demand orchestration of network functions and on-demand creation of network slices. The capability opening function provides unified collection and encapsulation of network information, and exposes it to third parties through APIs. fiber optic splitter box fiber optic splitter box

Network control layer: realize the reconstruction and modularization of network control functions. The main functional modules include: centralized of wireless resources, unified management and control of multiple accesses, mobility management, session management, security management, and traffic grooming. The above functional components are combined in the network control layer according to the instructions of the management and arrangement layer to realize flexible scheduling of the resource layer. fiber optic splitter box

Network resource layer: including access side functions and network side functions. The access side includes two-level functional units, the central unit (CU) and the distribution unit (DU). The CU mainly provides services on the access side.Service aggregation function ; DU mainly provides data access points for terminals, including radio frequency and some signal processing functions. The network focuses on implementing functions such as data forwarding, traffic optimization and content services. Based on distributed anchor points and flexible forwarding path settings, data packets are directed to corresponding processing nodes, enabling efficient forwarding and rich data processing, such as deep packet inspection, content charging, and traffic compression. fiber optic splitter box

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