A brief introduction to Fiber Optic LC Fast Connector

The features and benefits of fiber optic LC fast connector

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The LC Fiber Optic Fast Connector is a small type (SFF) connector designed for use with LC fibers that need to be connected or disconnected.

Type of LC fibre optic Fast connector

LC fibre optic quick connectors are differentiated between singlemode and multimode, with polished types available in UPC and APC. LCAPC fibre optic quick connectors have an octave angle to minimise back reflection and can be identified by their green housing and strain relief sleeves. Whereas LCUPC fibre optic quick connectors can be easily identified. There are typically two versions of the LC fibre optic quick connector: the patch connector and the BTW connector.

Jumper connectors can be used to terminate 1.6 to 2.0 mm simplex and duplex cables. Thanks to the trigger and the standard latch, they can be easily spliced and disconnected. In addition, patch cord connectors are suitable for patching LAN, central office and premise distribution systems.

The BTW connector is relatively short and is generally used for mounting on 0.9mm fibres, it is usually used on the back of the equipment. In addition, BTW connectors typically use finger snaps and extension latches for easy engagement and disengagement.

The benefits of LC fibre optic fast connectors

LC fibre optic quick connectors are very popular in the market today. The following are just a few of the advantages of LC fibre optic quick connectors.

1. Using LC fiber optic quick connectors reduces system costs. Because LC connectors are half the size of traditional SC connectors, they can double the fibre density of the shelf and outlet.

2. The polarisation characteristics of LC fibre optic quick connectors help to maintain the transmit or receive direction and ensure high repeatability.

3. LC fiber optic quick connectors have an anti-hook lock, which improves durability and reduces rearrangement work caused by cross-connections.

4. LC fibre optic quick connectors save installation time as there is no need to install field installable connectors.

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