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What is Armored Patch Cord

Armored patch cord's structure and advantage

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An armored fiber optic patch cable is a specialized type that includes a protective “armor” sheath made of spiral stainless steel around the fiber.

This innovative design makes it highly suitable for server rooms and various harsh environments. Compared to regular fiber patch cables, the armored version offers enhanced protection with higher resistance to compression and tensile stress.

Features of Armored Patch Cord

  1. Superior Protection: The thin stainless steel spiral hose acts as the first line of defense, protecting the optical fiber from mechanical stresses and rodent bites.
  2. Wide Temperature Range: Working temperature range of -45°C to 85°C.
  3. Durable and Tough: The armored design ensures less damage during installation and makes construction more convenient.
  4. Easy Installation: Can be easily installed in harsh environments, reducing future maintenance costs.
  5. High Durability: Prevents damage from improper bending and offers robust protection.
  6. High Tensile Strength: Enhanced with imported Kevlar fiber for high strength, wear resistance, and resistance to heat and flame.
  7. Flexible Surface Material: The extra-strength PVC outer layer is flame retardant, chemical resistant, and tear resistant, adding flexibility and elasticity.

Differences from Normal Patch Cords

Conventional fiber optic patch cords are prone to wear and tear, which can affect transmission quality over time.

Armored patch cords, however, have a reuse rate of up to 75% depending on the complexity of the cabling, compared to less than 20% for conventional patch cords.

Their high durability and reusability help reduce cabling costs and resource waste.

Regular patch cords often suffer from poor tensile strength, especially when used in branches.

Armored patch cords can be made into various branch specifications while maintaining high tensile strength due to the stainless steel sheath.

This makes them ideal for

  • Long-distance telecommunications
  • Primary and secondary trunk transmission
  • Building cabling
  • Key server room connections
  • Field operations
  • Sensing detection
  • Fiber-to-the-home
  • Desktop connections.

Applications and Benefits

Conventional fiber optic patch cords are vulnerable to damage from:

  • animals
  • environmental wear
  • weather
  • acids

Make them fragile and costly to maintain.

Armored fiber optic patch cords, on the other hand, retain all the advantages of standard patch cords while offering additional resilience and cost-effectiveness.

Their structural design makes them highly sought after for use in harsh environments, providing stress resistance and long-term durability.

if you need a reliable and durable armored patch cord solution for your fiber optic connections, contact Fibconet for a quick quote.

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