Do you know what is Armored Patch Cord

Armored patch cord's structure and advantage

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Ordinary patch cords are prone to wear and tear after a long period of use, affecting transmission quality. Therefore armored fiber optic patch cords are beginning to be used by more and more people, the following FIBCONET will introduce you to armored fiber optic patch cords!

Armored fiber optic patch cable has high tensile, compression, bending, fire and moisture resistance and anti-rodent bite characteristics, mainly used in residential areas, outdoor places and internal transmission of the server room building.


1. The thin stainless steel hose serves as the layer of defense nearest to the optical fiber, guarding it from mechanical stresses.

2. The imported Kevlar fiber used in the fiber optic patch cord has high strength, high wear resistance, permanent anti-static, permanent acid and alkali resistance, and permanent heat and flame resistance.

3. Extra-strength PVC, which is flame retardant, chemical resistant, tear resistant, and increases the flexibility and elasticity of the armoured fiber optic patch cord, is employed as the surface material.


1. Tiny diameter stainless steel spiral hose protection, high tensile strength, anti-rodent bite.

2. -45~85°C working temperature, can be used in most areas of the world.

3. Tougher, less damage to the armored fiber optic patch cord during construction, more convenient construction.

4. Easy to install and can be used in harsh environments.

5. Robust and durable, which can reduce future maintenance costs.

6. Prevents damage caused by improper bending.

Conventional fibre optic patch cords are vulnerable to damage from animals, environmental wear and tear, weather and acids when in use, and are more fragile and costly to maintain and manage later. Armoured fibre optic patch cords, on the other hand, not only retain all the advantages of standard fibre optic patch cords, but also feature a structural design for harsh environments. It is highly resilient, stress resistant and cost effective, making it highly sought after.

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