Why Need Drop Cable For Your Outdoor FTTx Projects

Drop cable for You-NP
In the realm of electronic optics, mechanical equipment and natural environments, the demand for communication networks that adhere to specific standards has led to the development of drop cables.

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Fiber optic drop cables utilize one or more optical fiber lines enclosed within protective sheaths and serve as essential components for transmitting data directly or in combination.

Communication cable comprising thin glass fibers and plastic protective waterproof jackets.

1. What is Drop Cable

Drop cables, also known as butterfly optical cables, are a revolutionary type of user access cable design to provide seamless connectivity in various environments. They combine the characteristics of indoor soft cables and self-supporting cables, making them the optimal choice for FTTX network solutions.

The construction of drop cables is carefully engineer to meet the specific needs of different application environments and installation conditions. These cables consist of two horizontal strength members with optical fiber lines in between, typically arranged in an 8-shaped configuration.

What sets drop cables apart is the incorporation of an additional thick steel wire, enhancing their self-supporting capabilities without compromising their performance.

The primary purpose of drop cables is to serve as communication mediums for transmitting optical signals and data. They are composed of a specified number of optical fiber lines, arranged according to specific methods, and encased in protective sheaths. Some drop cables may even feature an additional outer protective layer for enhanced durability.

2. Advantages for Outdoor Use

Weather Resistance

Drop cables can withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

The protective sheaths and waterproof layers prevent moisture penetration, ensuring reliable performance in harsh outdoor environments.

Flexibility and Bending Performance

Drop cables offer excellent flexibility and bending performance, allowing for easy routing and installation in outdoor settings.

Their small outer diameter and light weight make them highly adaptable to different installation scenarios.

High Tensile Strength

Drop cables possess high tensile strength, enabling them to withstand stretching and pulling forces during installation and aerial deployments.

This makes them suitable for applications that require suspension or long-distance spans.

Enhanced Protection

Drop cables incorporate reinforced steel wires and FRP/KFRP reinforcement materials for added protection against compression, flattening forces and external impacts.

This ensures the cables can withstand physical stress and maintain signal integrity.

Safety Considerations

Drop cables prioritize safety by utilizing low-smoke and halogen-free flame-retardant materials.

This reduces the risk of toxic fumes and fire hazards, meeting flame-retardant performance requirements for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Easy Installation and Cost-Effectiveness

Drop cables are designed for easy installation, reducing labor and time requirements.

Their cost-effective nature makes them an economical choice for extending communication networks to outdoor areas.

3. How to manufactur Drop Cable

We have introduced two drop cable production lines to expand production capacity. Do you have any demand for drop cables?

Below is a picture of the production work:

Drop Cable

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Drop Cable

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