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In the 5G era, on the one hand, the deep integration of vertical industries and mobile networks has brought a variety of application scenarios, including simultaneous access of massive resource-constrained IoT devices, unattended IoT terminals, Internet of Vehicles and autonomous driving, Cloud robots and coexistence of multiple access technologies, etc. On the other hand, the deep integration of IT technology and communication technology has brought about changes in the network architecture, enabling the network to flexibly support multiple application scenarios. 5G security should protect
Communication security and security of 5G network architecture. passive fiber optic splitter passive fiber optic splitter

Various application scenarios of 5G networks involve different types of terminal devices, various access methods and access credentials, various delay requirements, privacy protection requirements, etc. Therefore, 5G network security should ensure:
 Provide a unified authentication framework, support multiple access methods and access credentials, so as to ensure that all terminal devices securely access the network.
 Provide on-demand security protection to meet the life cycle requirements of terminal equipment and service delay requirements in various application scenarios.
 Provide privacy protection to meet the requirements of user privacy protection and related regulations. passive fiber optic splitter passive fiber optic splitter

Important features in 5G network architecture include NFV/SDN, slicing, and capability openness, so 5G security should ensure:
 NFV/SDN introduces mobile network security, including virtual machine-related security, software security, data security, and SDN controller security.
 Slice security, including slice security isolation, slice security management, UE access slice security, and inter-slice communication security.
 The security of capability openness can not only ensure that open network capabilities are safely provided to third parties, but also ensure that network security capabilities (such as encryption, authentication, etc.) can be opened to third parties for use. passive fiber optic splitter passive fiber optic splitter

The diversity of services and scenarios in the 5G network, as well as the openness of the network, transfer user privacy information from a closed platform to an open platform, and the contact status changes from offline to online, which increases the risk of leakage. For example, in an intelligent medical system, private information such as patient medical records, prescriptions, and treatment plans are at risk of being leaked and tampered with during the collection, storage, and transmission process. there is exposure
And the risk of being illegally tracked and used, so 5G networks have higher requirements for user privacy protection. passive fiber optic splitter passive fiber optic splitter

The 5G network is a heterogeneous network that uses multiple access technologies, and various access technologies have different degrees of protection of private information. At the same time, user data in the 5G network may pass through various access networks and network functional entities provided by different manufacturers, resulting in user privacy data scattered in all corners of the network, and data mining technology can also allow third parties from the distributed privacy data. More user privacy information is analyzed from the data. Therefore, in the 5G network, it is necessary to comprehensively consider
The privacy exposure risks faced by data when traversing various access technologies and different operating networks, and formulate comprehensive privacy protection policies, including various identities, locations, and access services of users. passive fiber optic splitter passive fiber optic splitter

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