How to get products in the first time after Chinese New Year?

How To Get Products In The First Time After Chinese New Year-News
To pick up the goods after the Chinese New Year, you need to make some preparations

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Did you go back to the office after the holiday?

You know Chinese New Year is around the corner. Fibconet rest from January 31st to February 6th

Problems are starting to emerge in China’s internal supply chains:

1. From January 20, many factories in China are closed, and come back after 15th Feb.

2. Factories are shutting down and supply chains are becoming less efficient upstream and downstream

3. The time for the workers to return to work can not be fully confirmed, the factory will be slow to recover its capacity after the spring festival.

4. The price of raw materials may be unstable

5. Orders are piled up heavily, factory production capacity is limited, and delivery is very difficult.

Through these steps, foreign friends could get the goods as soon as possible to avoid the increase of uncertain procurement costs

1. First confirm the demand for the end of February and March

2. Identify requirements and confirm purchase item with regular partners immediately

3. In order to prevent unpredictable cost increases, the factory needs to know the demand ASAP, of course, the advance payment will make the factory more actively cooperate.

After the steps of 1,2,3, foreign friends orders will be prioritized by the factory

Fortunately, the following products will not be discontinued and you can still buy them from Fibconet this month.

1. PLC splitters

ABS Box PLC Splitter 03

2. Patch Cord

3. Pigtail

Please note, that it is becoming more difficult to ship the goods and there are fewer opportunities to purchase the products at that time. If you wish to deliver the goods by early March, please inform us of your purchase plan by 26 January, so we can use the rest time we have left to prepare the raw materials.

According to our experience, just after the spring festival, the freight rate will be more favorable, so why not take action now to save money ~

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