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We need to maintain a good relationship with our customers at all times

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Fall in love together?

Cooperating with customers is like falling in love with someone you like. Sometimes the right or wrong of problems is not the most important. A good trade is inseparable from both customers and suppliers. Canceling the order will only cause economic and emotional (trust) losses to suppliers and customers, but through appropriate communication, both parties will bear part of the losses. This can not only complete the problem but also strengthen the ability of both parties to deal with product details, so as to improve the efficiency of implementation and communication between customers and us, deepen customers’ impressions and deepen the cooperative relationship.

What are the most basic details?

The most basic details of communication with customers should be communicated in advance. Mechanical and inertial communication may not attract customers’ effective attention or feedback. We should tell customers the key details and problems.

How can it be efficient communication?

To arouse the customer’s emotion, tell the customer that some responsibilities are on his side and Keep customers awake so that the customer can mobilize his emotion to pay attention to the details of the order and seriously communicate with the supplier so that the order is confirmed without error and the responsibility is clear.

The more anxious, the more mistakes?

When you are in a hurry to ship, you need to pay more attention to testing and quality. Generally, it is not easy to change suppliers in principle. Similarly, an importer, should not easily change their procurement sources. For long-term good relationship, they do not just rely on the price comparison of each order to select the best price but continue to trust suppliers after understanding and enjoying better services.

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