How to Select Fiber Optic Splitters

When purchasing optical splitter, the quality of chip is very important

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2016 to 2020 is the decisive stage for China to build a well-off society in an all-around way. The digging point and digital dividend of the breakthrough in the information and communications technology transformation are fully released.

In 2016, the global market for optical communication devices reached $9.6 billion and has been growing rapidly.

The optical splitter chip was released in September 2012 and has been in mass production since 2013, reducing the dependence on foreign similar products, effectively promoting the domestic FTTH construction under the “broadband China” strategy, and making use of the high-quality rate and low cost brought by the technological advantages, has become the first company in the world to have a PLC branch.

Throughout the development of the industry, the future development of the optical chip market is expected to accelerate.

Driven by policy dividends, if Chinese domestic enterprises can actively participate in the development of high-end optical communication chips, form differentiated high-end products, and successfully occupy the industry’s top spot, it is expected that Chinese domestic companies will overtake. With the advantages of R&D and industrialization in the field of optical chips, Shijian Photon has gradually developed from passive + active to optoelectronic integration.

According to the forecast of the Chord Industry Research Center, the domestic optical device market is in a new growth cycle with the rapid expansion of the data center markets such as Alibaba, and Tencent and the deployment of the 5G scale telecommunication market.

The proportion of revenue in the three business sectors is 39.49%, 30.44%, and 28.01%, respectively. Among them, the proportion of PLC splitter chip series products in the optical fiber and equipment business is 96.51%, 84.78%, and 50.88%, respectively.

The main reason is that the gross interest rate of the core product PLC splitter chip series is affected by the slowdown of domestic optical fiber to home construction, which also leads to the continuous loss of net profits of the denominator during the reporting period.

Compared with some of the operating data of Listed Companies in 2019, optical chip leader Guangxin Technology (optical chip) has a greater advantage in terms of revenue scale, while others can be closer than listed companies. Shijia Photon technology is in the stage of R&D or investment and still generates large-scale revenue.

Shijia Photon focuses on the optical communication industry, covering three main areas: optical chips and devices, indoor optical cables, and cable materials. In 2017, 2018, and 2019, the revenue of Sega Photon PLC splitter series products, indoor optical fiber, and lead materials accounted for 99.05%, 95.70%, and 80.20% of the main business revenue in each quarter.

Shijia Photon prospectus indicates that the PLC splitter series products in the company’s optical chips and devices business are mainly used for fiber-to-home construction.

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