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To increase system flexibility and efficiency, and reduce costs, 5G network architecture will introduce new IT technologies such as software-defined networking SDN (software-defined networking) and NFV (network function virtualization). The introduction of new technologies also brings new challenges to 5G network security. The 5G network realizes the decoupling of software and hardware through the introduction of virtualization technology. Through the deployment of NFV technology, some functional network elements are deployed on the cloud infrastructure in the form of virtual function network elements. Relying on proprietary communication hardware platforms. Due to the virtualization characteristics of 5G networks, the protection of functional network elements in traditional networks is largely dependent on the security isolation of physical devices. The previously considered secure physical environment has become insecure. The manageable and controllable security requirements of the platform have become an important part of 5G security. For example, the function of security certification may also be placed in the security of the physical environment. Therefore, 5G security needs to consider the security of 5G infrastructure, so as to ensure that 5G services can be Safe operation in NFV environment. In addition, the introduction of SDN technology in the 5G network improves the data transmission efficiency in the 5G network and achieves better resource allocation, but it also brings new security requirements, that is, it is necessary to consider the virtual SDN control network in the 5G environment. Secure isolation and management of meta and forwarding nodes, and secure deployment and proper execution of SDN flow tables. fiber optic audio splitter fiber optic audio splitter

In order to better support the above three business scenarios, the 5G network will establish network slicing to provide differentiated security services for different services, customize its security protection mechanism for slices according to business needs, and realize customized security classification services. At the same time, network slicing It also poses new challenges for security, such as secure isolation between slices, and secure deployment and security management of virtual networks. For low-latency service scenarios, the 5G core network control function needs to be deployed at the edge of the access network or integrated with the base station. Data gateways and service enabling devices can be flexibly deployed in the entire network according to business needs to reduce pressure on the backhaul network, reduce latency, and improve user experience rates. As core network functions sink to the access network, 5G network The security capabilities provided will also sink. fiber optic audio splitter fiber optic audio splitter

The capability opening function of 5G network can be deployed on the network control function so that network services and management functions are open to third parties. In the 5G network, capability opening is not only reflected in the opening of the entire network capability, but also in the capability opening between network elements within the network. Different from the point-to-point process definition of the 4G network, each network element of the 5G network provides services Open, different network elements call their open capabilities through API (application programming interface). So 5G Network security requires higher and more flexible security capabilities between the core network and external third-party network elements and internal network elements of the core network, so as to realize service subscription, release, and secure channels for each user and each service. fiber optic audio splitter fiber optic audio splitter fiber optic audio splitter fiber optic audio splitter

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