The difference between pigtails and patch cords

SC UPC fiber optic patch cord and pigtail
Some difference between Fiber optic patch cord and pigtail

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When it comes to fiber optic products, it’s essential to differentiate between patch cords and pigtails as they serve distinct purposes in optical communication systems.

Pigtails are fiber optic cables that have a fiber optic connector on one end and a fiber optic core break on the other end.

The end with the connector is used to connect to equipment, while the fiber optic core break is used for other fiber optic core breaks to minimize insertion loss.

Pigtails are commonly utilized in fiber optic terminal boxes, which act as distribution points for fiber optic cables.

They connect fiber optic cables and transceivers, often alongside couplers and patch cords.

On the other hand, patch cords are fiber optic cables that have connectors on both ends.

They also feature a thicker protective layer on the outside compared to pigtails.

Patch cords extensively use to connect optical terminals and terminal boxes in those area:

  • Fiber optic communication systems
  • Access networks
  • Data transmission
  • Local area networks.

In simple terms, a patch cord is two pigtails which cut down the middle and attached with connectors on both ends.

Pigtails are generally thinner and have a single connector, while patch cords are thicker and have connectors on both ends.

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