Types of wire stripper tool and how to use them.

Do you know what types of wire strippers are available and how to use them?

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In wiring construction, circuit maintenance engineers often need to use an auxiliary tool – wire stripping pliers, wire stripping pliers are mainly composed of knife jaws, compression jaws, springs and pliers handle, etc. The pliers handle belongs to the hand holding part, in order to prevent electric shock when cutting cables, the pliers handle is generally used insulator shell. Fibconet will tell you how to choose and use the right wire strippers.

How to use a wire stripper
Key points: The diameter of the stripper blades should be chosen according to the diameter of the wire.
1.Depending on the thickness of the cable, choose the appropriate stripping blade
2.Place the prepared cable in the middle of the stripping tool’s blade and select the length of the wire to be stripped
3.Hold the cable by the handle of the stripping tool and grip the cable, slowly peel off the outer skin of the cable
4.Release the tool handle and remove the cable. The metal of the cable is then neatly exposed and the rest of the insulating plastic is intact.

Types of wire strippers from Fibconet.

  1. Convenient wire strippers
    The handy stripping pliers are used to remove the protective jacket around the cable when installing plugs or ladder sockets, and can be used to strip telephone cables, network cables and other cables.

2.Optical fibre stripping pliers
Fiber optic stripping pliers are used to cut and strip the coating of optical fibers.

  1. Drop cable stripping pliers
    Drop cable stripping pliers (also known as FTTH cable stripping pliers) is a professional FTTH (Fiber to the Home) tool, specifically for stripping leather cable.

When choosing the stripping pliers, we should consider the following three aspects:
1.The wire diameter of the stripping pliers; choose the appropriate wire diameter (conductor size) of the stripping pliers blades, if the wire diameter of the stripping pliers is too small will not be able to strip the cable.
2.The performance of the stripping pliers; if you need to operate with electricity, and frequent use, stripping intensity, etc., it is necessary to buy insulated pliers, strong and durable, strong and labor-saving spring stripping pliers.
3.The quality of the stripping pliers (workmanship); choose a smooth surface, sharp blades, strong and durable pliers and spring contraction of the better stripping pliers, so that the use of stripping pliers, that is, not to hurt the line, and can not be tired.

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