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The industrial Internet platform is the product of the deep integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing, and is an open and scalable industrial operating system based on cloud computing. At present, the industry has basically formed the industrial Internet platform technical architecture of intelligent terminal (edge) + cloud architecture platform + industrial APP. The platform realizes the data collection, interaction and transmission of massive multi-source devices and heterogeneous systems; the PaaS platform carries industrial Knowledge and microservices, supporting the connection of software and hardware resources and development tools Access, control and application; support the development and deployment of industrial software and cloud-based industrial software, and provide various application services for enterprise customers. Therefore, building an industrial Internet platform requires enterprises to have comprehensive technical strength. Comprehensive research at home and abroad, this part from equipment connection, equipment management Eight major technical capabilities of the platform include management, data storage/processing, advanced data analysis, software application management, platform application development, integration and security. Fiber optic splitter maker
Discuss the strength of my country’s industrial Internet platform. The study found that at this stage, the technical capability system of my country’s industrial Internet platform is not yet complete, but the technical capabilities have their own characteristics. Fiber optic splitter maker
First, automation companies have outstanding capabilities in equipment connection. Relying on the “Ceres Machine Treasure” terminal, Hualong Xunda can connect to more than 80% of the world’s industrial software and control interfaces, and realize automatic data collection and labeling; central control can support more than 20 A common industrial equipment protocol is accessed, and technologies such as machine vision and image recognition and analysis are used at the intelligent edge equipment nodes to realize ubiquitous measurement of on-site non-smart instruments. Fiber optic splitter maker Fiber optic splitter maker
Second, cloud infrastructure service providers are building cloud-integrated service capabilities. Alibaba and Huawei have respectively launched YunOS and FusionSphere cloud operating systems with independent intellectual property rights to strengthen comprehensive technical capabilities such as cloud data storage, cloud computing services, and smart device management. . Fiber optic splitter maker Fiber optic splitter maker
Third, traditional software companies have formed a new product system based on cloud architecture. UFIDA, Kingdee, Inspur, Yuangong, Suowei and other companies have basically formed CAX, PDM, MES, and ERP products with cloud architecture. Software and hardware resources, independent operation and maintenance are transformed to shared use of resource pools and unified operation and maintenance mode. Fiber optic splitter maker
Fourth, system solution service providers accelerate the software, modularization and platform application of industrial knowledge. Dongfang Guoxin has accumulated 260,000 digital models of standard parts and 1,364 industrial mechanism models. Tianze Zhiyun’s intelligent maintenance technology has been applied in many industries such as wind power generation, steel, rail transit, equipment manufacturing, CNC machining, and industrial robots. Fiber optic splitter maker Fiber optic splitter maker
Fifth, leading enterprises have formed and exported model standards to the outside world. Based on its own industry practice, Haier has formed a user-centered mass customization model and copied it to 15 industries such as RV and clothing. Based on this, Haier has further led the formulation of international standards for mass customization, representing my country’s first export of a new manufacturing model to the world, which has been widely recognized. Fiber optic splitter maker Fiber optic splitter maker

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