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The useful new type relates to the technical field of plc optical splitters, in particular to the plc optical fiber ribbon splitter fiber ribbon splitter
Background technique: The plc planar waveguide optical splitter is an integrated waveguide optical power arrangement device based on a quartz substrate. Like the coaxial cable transmission system, the optical network system also needs to couple, branch and arrange the optical signal, which requires optical splitting. The plc optical splitter is one of the most important passive components in the optical fiber link. It is an optical fiber tandem device with multiple input ends and multiple output ends, especially suitable for passive optical networks (epongponbpon, etc.) It connects the central office and terminal equipment and realizes the splitting of optical signals, mainly including bare fiber type, micro (steel pipe/module) type, abs box type, with branch type, tray type, insert type, rack type, etc. Most of the existing plc optical splitters wrap the remaining wires in advance and fix them with tape or fixing ring, which is not convenient to adjust the length of the wires during installation. In addition, most of the existing pcl splitters are installed by screws, etc. Fixed, inconvenient for installation and maintenance. In addition, the existing plc optical splitter lacks corresponding protective fiber ribbon splitter fiber ribbon splitter
Technical implementation elements: The purpose of the useful new model is to supply a plc optical splitter to solve the problems raised by the above background. To achieve the above purpose. The useful new model provides the following technical solutions: The plc optical splitter includes a protective box. An installation opening is provided on one side of the protective box. An installation cavity is opened in the installation cavity. An installation plate is slidably arranged in the installation cavity. The upper end of the installation plate faces the There is an installation slot opened at the bottom, and four limit posts are symmetrically arranged in the installation slot, the tops of the four limit posts are all provided with clamps, and the splitter body is installed in the middle of the limit posts. The casing of the splitter body is provided with a limiting groove, and the limiting groove is matched with the clamping head. One side of the limiting column is provided with a ring-shaped winding column, the top of the winding column is evenly provided with four baffles, and the top of the mounting plate is provided with a connecting plate. The connecting plate is provided with a connector, the splitter body is provided with an input line and an output line, the ends of the input line and the output line are respectively provided with an input connector and an output connector, and the input connector and the output connector are respectively connected with the connector; As a further solution of the useful new model, the two inner side walls of the installation cavity are provided with sliders, and the two sides of the installation plate are provided with slides. the chute is matched with the slider; As a further solution, the upper and lower ends of the slider are rotatably embedded with balls, and the balls are evenly embedded with a plurality of balls; The chuck head is circularly arranged as the next step of the useful new type, and the surface of the chuck head is provided with a rubber layer; As a further improvement scheme of the utility model, both sides of the installation opening are provided with fixing ears, and both sides of the mounting plate are provided with connecting ears matched with the fixing ears. A fastening bolt is arranged between the connecting ear and the fixing ear; As a very useful new and further solution. A peripheral fixing strip is arranged in the middle part of the side edge of the protective box, and a fixing hole is opened on the fixing strip; As a further scheme of the useful new model. The top end of the winding column is provided with a connection groove, the bottom end of the wire baffle is provided with a row pull, and a damping gasket is provided between the connection guard and the connection fiber ribbon splitter fiber ribbon splitter

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