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5G Optical Fiber Splicing Box

Pre-terminated Waterproof Fiber Splicing Enclosure Box for 5G

Fiber splicing enclosure boxes provide the perfect space for optical fiber fusion splicing, ensuring seamless and secure connections.

When it comes to fiber splice closures, there are two main varieties to choose from: vertical and horizontal. And our 5G splicing box can reach IP68 rank. Whether you require them for outdoor applications or any other specific use, we have you covered.

fiber splicing enclosure

Our extensive selection of fiber splicing box products at Fibconet is known for its exceptional quality and high quantity, ensuring that you find the perfect solution for your optical communication needs.

We design to standards of durability and performance to ensure best perform in the diverse environments of your usage.

To provide you with a comprehensive solution, our fiber optic splice enclosures come equipped with all the necessary hardware for three cable entries, streamlining the installation process. Additionally, each enclosure includes a splice tray, allowing for organized and efficient fiber splicing.

fiber splicing box

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