Fiber Optic Cable Clamp

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1. Why Choose Fibconet

Our raw materials mainly include galvanized steel wire, aluminum-clad steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, and copper-clad steel wire. There are more than 40 sizes and specifications.
In addition, there are more than 10 kinds of viscose, sand and other materials and auxiliary materials.

The production process and quality control mainly include forming, cutting, chamfering, grouping, cleaning, gluing, marking, sanding, stranding, bending, packaging and other processes.

Some products also need special treatment processes such as end tilting, rounded head, and parrot beak end.

Our products have the following features:

  • Abrasion resistant,perfect tensile performance and durable.
  • The serrated shim increases the adhesives andon of stainless steel wire clamp on cables and wires.
  • For The dimple, lay the cable in the shell and place the shim on the top of the cable through raised embossing

2. Tension Clamp Introducing

The tension Clamp for fiber cable is designed to fix and keep the tensile state fiber.
Usually, the fiber laying around the electric transmission line or laying on the building is resistant and wears less than  50m. No special tools needed.
It’s reliable and sturdy, powerful and easy to use. It clamps and secures wires without stripping or removing support cables.

3. Matrial of Fiber Optic Cable Tension Clamp

Cast aluminum casing: made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy pressure casting. The aluminum alloy has stable chemical properties, good atmospheric corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties.

tension clamp

Rubber fixture: Composed of high-quality rubber and central reinforcement. It has anti-ozone, chemical resistance and weather aging resistance.

Electric standard parts:Bolts, flat washers, spring washers, nuts, closed pins, U-shaped hanging rings.

Pre-twisted wire for guard wire: aluminum alloy wire made according to predetermined mechanical properties and chemical composition.

It has high tensile strength, hardness, good elasticity and strong anti-rust ability, and can be used for a long time in harsh weather conditions.

Outer layer pre-twisted wire: same as guard wire pre-twisted wire.

4. Applications of  Tension Clamp

fiber optic cable tension clamp

fiber optic cable tension clamp

5. Types of Drop Wire

Drop wire clamps consist of two types:

  1. Wire wrap type
  2. Compression types require that the clamp does not get degraded by the signal quality by damaging the signal being carried in the cable or the insulation.

6. Classification of optical cable clamps You May Need

Classification according to its use

  • Optical cable strain clamp
  • Small tension wedge strain clamp for ADSS optical cable
  • Small tension strain clamp for ADSS optical cable
  • Medium tension and high tension strain clamps for ADSS optical cable
  • Tension clamp for OPGW optical cable
  • Double strain clamp for OPGW optical cable
  • Wire strain clamp

① Pre-twisted wire tension clamp:
Pre-twisted wire strain relief clamps for steel-reinforced aluminum stranded wire, aluminum stranded wire and insulated wires.

② Pre-twisted ground wire tension clamp:
Pre-twisted ground wire tension clamp for steel strand
Pre-twisted ground wire tension clamp for aluminum-clad steel stranded wire

③ Pre-twisted cable tension clamp:
Pre-twisted cable tension clamps for steel strands

Classification according to structure and installation method

① Compression type strain clamp
② Bolt type strain clamp


8. How to install a Drop Wire Clamp?

First of all, lay the cable in the shell and place she inserts a wedge in the shell tossing used against the cable.

You need to then insert the wedge in the shell which is on the top of the shim and then pull to engage.

The small end of the wedges needs to be engaged in the track litharge end of the shell lose can then place the bail wire on the B drop wire hook through the sidewalk of age loss.

Then, pull the drop wire through the clamp until the proper sidewalk or alley clearance is attained.

Then, you need to grasp the clamp and pull it tightly for securing it.

By the way, our video has shown the installation process, you can  refer to the video

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