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1. What is Fiber Optic Connector

Optical fiber connector enables faster connection and disconnection than splicing.
The connectors mechanically couple and align the fiber cores, allowing light to pass.
Fiber optic connectors make fiber terminations quick, easy and reliable.
They offer terminations without any hassles and require no epoxy, no polishing, no splicing, no heating.
It can achieve similar excellent transmission parameters as standard polishing and splicing technology.
Our connector can greatly reduce the assembly and set-up time. The pre-polished connectors are mainly applied to FTTH cable in FTTH projects, directly in the end user site.

Our Product Features
● Low insertion loss
● Ease of installation
● Low cost & Reliability
● Ease of use
● Low environmental sensitivity
● High return loss (low amounts of reflection at the interface

2. What is Fiber Optic Adapter

A fiber optic adapter is a medium component used to connect two fiber optic lines by terminating the fiber optic cables or connectors.
They are accessible in versions that connect single fibers (simplex), two fibers (duplex), and others.
There are many different types of fiber optic adapters. A hybrid fiber optic adapter fits Supplier how two different types of fiber connectors, such as an LC to SC hybrid adapter.

Our Product Features
●Complies with IEC 61754-4 standard
●Available in Flanged and Flangeless options
●Push-pull locking mechanism for easy installation
●Precision connection with sleeve
●SM and MM connector can be used interchangeably
●Low insertion loss, High Return loss
●Good interchangeability and reliability
●Meet IEC and ROHS standards
●High precision of mechanical dimensions Accuracy

3. Structure of Fiber Optic Cable&Adapter

Fiber Optic Cable
Structure of Fiber Optic Cable&Adapter (2) Structure of Fiber Optic Cable&Adapter (2)
Fiber Optic Adapter
Structure of Fiber Optic Cable&Adapter (2) Structure of Fiber Optic Cable&Adapter (2)

If you want to get more product information,  contact us so you can get support from a  professional product technical team.

4.Main Raw Materials

The material of the adapter is PC, ABS, PBT, and you can choose whether it is flame retardant or recycled.
The general list is as follows:
① Adapter body*1, PBT material, you can choose flame retardant or not
② Tube*1 ceramic sleeve
③ Steel ring*1, 201/304 material can be selected
④ Dust cap*2, pp material

5.Specification of Our Products

Specification of  Fast Connector (A Type)

Item Singemode(UPC) Singemode(APC) Multimode
Insertion loss ≤ 0.2db ≤ 0.2db ≤ 0.25db
Return loss ≥45db ≥55db ≥30db
Durability ≤ 0.2db typical change, 1000 times mating
Operating Temperature -45 to +85 degree
Ferrule Hole Sizes 125.0+1/-0um,





Concertricity: ≤3.0um









Specification of Adapter

  Project  Values
  Reference standard YD/T 1272.3-2005
  Insertion loss ≤0.2dB
 IL change absolute


 low temperature  Temperature: -40℃

Duration: 168 h

 high temperature  Temperature: 85℃

Duration: 168 h

Temperature change rate: 1℃/min

 Hot and humid  40℃

Temperature: 40℃

Humidity: 90%~95%

Duration: 168h

Temperature change rate: 1℃/min

 Temperature  cycle  Temperature: -40℃ to + 85℃

Duration: 168h

Cycle times:21

Temperature change rate: 1℃/min

 repeatability    Insertion pull times:10 ≤0.2dB
 Mechanism durability  Insertion times: 500 cycles ≤0.2dB
 Tensile strength Of coupling


50N/10 Minute ≤0.2dB

6.Types of Fiber Optic Adapter

According to different fiber optic connectors, fiber optic adapters can provide conversion parts corresponding to it.
Applicable models are FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, E2000, etc.
Applicable end faces are PC, UPC, APC, etc.

SC stands for Standard Connector.
ST stands for Straight Tip.
FC stands for Fiber Connector.
The part in front of “/” indicates the applicable fiber optic connector model.
“SC” connectors are a standard square made of engineering plastics, which have high-temperature resistance advantages and are not easy to oxidize. The optical interface on the transmission equipment side generally uses SC connectors.
“LC” connectors are similar in shape to SC fittings but are smaller than SC connectors.
“FC” connectors are metal connectors, generally used on the ODF side, and metal connectors can be plugged and unplugged more often than plastics
/” indicates the cross-section process of the optical fiber connector, that is, the grinding method.
“PC” is mainly used in the equipment of telecom operators, and its joint section is flat.

Fiber Optic Adapter 05
The attenuation of “UPC” is smaller than that of “PC”. It is generally used for equipment with special needs. Some manufacturers use FC/UPC for the internal jumper of ODF racks, mainly to improve the indicators of the ODF equipment itself.
“APC” means oblique 8-degree angle polishing, which was widely used in early CATV.

7.Package & Delivery (Can be customized)

The package will be packed according to standard export requirements, customer satisfication is our target.
Label printing : Customer logo or customized package are available
Inner packing: 10pcs in a blister box
Outer packing: 100pcs in one box, 10 box in one carton,the carton will be packed with sack, well protect carton from dust and wet.

8.Our Quality Control

KIP-600v fiber optic end face detector
KIP-600v fiber optic end face detector

Fiber optic connectors are one of the important components of optical systems. We can judge the quality of fiber optic connectors from the following aspects.
① The appearance of the fiber optic connector: mainly depends on its outer frame and whether the tail sleeve is qualified for quality
② Size: Optical fiber connectors are generally composed of outer frame, inner frame, boot, spring, brake, ferrule, etc. If the size is unqualified, the assembled connector will be inflexible, inflexible, and The flange connection either cannot be inserted or is so loose that it cannot be used.
③ Performance: mainly depends on the flexibility, the length of the ferrule, the protruding length of the ferrule, whether the ferrule is chamfered, etc.


9.Why Choose Us

① Surface and structure design for the products can be provided to meet a variety of demands.
② 3D sample can be offered before the mass production
③ Third-party service of full-process video audit and inspection of factory and products can be provided.


① How can we place an order?

After the agreement is made on the product parameters, we will make a proforma invoice for you to confirm.
As soon as advance payment (deposit) is received, we will arrange the production and delivery.
If you have your ship forwarder, we will use your ship forwarder to deliver goods;
While you don’t have a shipping forwarder, we can ship them by our agent shipping company which offers a competitive freight cost.

② What is the quality of your products?

All of our products are of high quality. We promise a 100% recall policy if products are unqualified, and we can write it into our contract.

③ How do you arrange the shipping?

Solution A: Fibconet takes care of everything.
Clients only need to collect cargo in a local port or wait for cargo delivery to their office.
There are two types of shipping methods available: by sea and by air
(Express courier – FedEx/ DHL/UPS/TNT/EMS. We can ship them according to your express account or ship them by our agent company. The delivery time is about four to seven days).
Solution B: Clients assign a Shenzhen logistic company to do the shipping,
Fibconet follows the shipping company’s instructions and finishes the delivery.

④ How can you guarantee the delivery time?

To avoid the delay, we have built a complete and professional procedure system from production to delivery.
We have rich experience in production and delivery.
We can regulate the penalty clause in the contract for the late delay.

⑤ What’s your best price for your passive fiber optic product?

Based on the quality and quantity of goods, we would quote the best matching price for you all the time.Please contact me if you want to get the latest price list.

⑥ What is The Color Distinction of The Adapter
Single mode:
APC Green
UPC blue
OM1 62.5um orange
OM2 50um water blue
OM3 50um purple
OM4 50um rose red
OM5 50um water green

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