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1. What is Fiber Optic Connector

Optical fiber connectors offer a faster and more convenient alternative to splicing, allowing for quick and reliable fiber terminations.

These connectors use to mechanically couple and align the fiber cores, enabling light to pass through.

Unlike splicing, fiber optic connectors require no epoxy, polishing, splicing, or heating, making terminations hassle-free.

Additionally, these connectors can deliver excellent transmission parameters that are comparable to standard polishing and splicing technology.

Our Product Features

  • Low insertion loss
  • Ease of installation
  • Low cost & Reliability
  • Ease of use
  • Low environmental sensitivity
  • High return loss (low amounts of reflection at the interface

2. What is Fiber Optic Adapter

A fiber optic adapter is a medium component use to connect two fiber optic lines by terminating the fiber optic cables or connectors.
They are accessible in versions that connect single fibers (simplex), two fibers (duplex) and others.
There are many different types of fiber optic adapters. A hybrid fiber optic adapter fits Supplier how two different types of fiber connectors, such as an LC to SC hybrid adapter.

Our Product Features

  • Complies with IEC 61754-4 standard
  • Available in Flanged and Flangeless options
  • Push-pull locking mechanism for easy installation
  • Precision connection with sleeve
  • SM and MM connector can be used interchangeably
  • Low insertion loss, High Return loss
  • Good interchangeability and reliability
  • Meet IEC and ROHS standards
  • High precision of mechanical dimensions Accuracy

3. Structure of Fiber Optic Connector&Adapter

Fiber Optic ConnectorStructure of Fiber Optic Cable&Adapter (2) Structure of Fiber Optic Cable&Adapter (2)
Fiber Optic Adapter
Structure of Fiber Optic Cable&Adapter (2) Structure of Fiber Optic Cable&Adapter (2)

If you want to get more product information,  contact us so you can get support from a  professional product technical team.

4. Main Raw Materials

The material of the adapter is PC, ABS, PBT, and you can choose whether it is flame retardant or recycled due to your needs.
The general list is as follows:

  1.  Adapter body*1, PBT material, you can choose flame retardant or not
  2.  Tube*1 ceramic sleeve
  3.  Steel ring*1, 201/304 material can be selected
  4.  Dust cap*2, pp material

5. Types of Fiber Optic Adapter

According to different fiber optic connectors, fiber optic adapters can provide conversion parts corresponding to it.
Applicable models are FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, E2000, etc.
Applicable end faces are PC, UPC, APC, etc.

SC stands for Standard Connector.
ST stands for Straight Tip.
FC stands for Fiber Connector.
The part in front of “/” indicates the applicable fiber optic connector model.


The SC connector is a standard square connector made of engineering plastics, which has high-temperature resistance advantages and is not easy to oxidize. It commonly use on the transmission equipment side due to its reliability and durability.

The LC connector is similar in shape to the SC connector but is smaller in size. It is also made of engineering plastics and is widely used in high-density applications.

The FC connector, on the other hand, is a metal connector that is generally used on the ODF (Optical Distribution Frame) side. Metal connectors can be plugged and unplugged more frequently than plastic connectors, making them ideal for applications where frequent changes are required.

Fiber Optic Adapter 05

Differences between APC and UPC

The attenuation of “UPC” is smaller than that of “PC”. It is generally used for equipment with special needs.

Some manufacturers use FC/UPC for the internal jumper of ODF racks, mainly to improve the indicators of the ODF equipment itself.
“APC” means oblique 8-degree angle polishing, which was widely use in early CATV.

6. Package & Delivery (Customized)

The package will pack according to standard export requirements, customer satisfication is our target.
Label printing : Customer logo or customized package are available
Inner packing: 10pcs in a blister box
Outer packing: 100pcs in one box, 10 box in one carton,the carton will be packed with sack, well protect carton from dust and wet.

7. Our Quality Control

KIP-600v fiber optic end face detector
KIP-600v fiber optic end face detector

Fiber optic connectors play a crucial role in optical systems, and we evaluate their quality generally based on several factors.

  • Firstly, the appearance of the fiber optic connector is a critical factor, which includes the outer frame and the quality of the tail sleeve.
  • Secondly, the size of the connector is also important. Fiber optic connectors typically consist of an outer frame, inner frame, boot, spring, brake and ferrule. If the size is incorrect, the assembled connector may be inflexible and the flange connection may not insert properly or be too loose.
  • Lastly, the performance of the connector is a crucial consideration. Factors such as flexibility, ferrule length, protruding length of the ferrule and whether the ferrule is chamfered can all impact performance.

Evaluating these factors can help ensure that the fiber optic connectors used in optical systems meet the necessary quality standards and function reliably.


8. What is The Color Distinction of The Adapter

Single mode:

  • APC Green
  • UPC blue


  • OM1 62.5um orange
  • OM2 50um water blue
  • OM3 50um purple
  • OM4 50um rose red
  • OM5 50um water green

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