1.Fast Connector

Fibconet – China Fast Connector Manufacturer

Fast connectors are a premium solution for field wiring and ftth.

It has the following three advantages

  • Assembly without glue
  • No need to polish
  • No power tools are required

These features allow it to be widely used in construction sections, providing fast and stable connectors.

1. What is Fast Connector

fast connector

Fiber optic fast connectors are a quick, easy and reliable way to terminate or connect optical fibers in communication systems.

Unlike traditional connectors that require complex and time-consuming processes such as polishing, splicing and heating, fast connectors use mechanical or adhesive methods to attach the fiber to the connector.

Resulting in faster installation times, lower material costs and reduced labor costs. Fast connectors achieve transmission parameters similar to standard polishing and splicing technology without the need for epoxy or other tools.

Fibconet pre-polished mechanical fiber optic fast connectors are a popular choice for FTTH cable installations and can directly use at the end-user site, greatly reducing assembly and setup time.

2. Application of Fast Connector

  • Premise environments
  • Connections at the desk for LAN environments
  • Patch panels
  • Fiber to the Subscriber( FTTx ) applications
  • Equipment test leads

3. Structures

fast connector structure
Fast Connector Structure
UPC Ferrule Structure
UPC Ferrule Structure
APC Ferrule Structure
APC Ferrule Structure

4. Signification Samples

 Ferrule Specifications:

No Parameter Specification
1 Ferrule Type Fully Zirconia-Ceramic
2 Nominal ferrule diameter for SC connector 2.5mm+0.5um
3 Fiber Concentricity 1um

② Technical Specifications

Category Condition Test Standards
Insertion loss    – ≤0.3dB
Return loss   – SC/UPC: ≥50dB, SC/APC: ≥55dB
Vibration Frequency range: 10-55-10Hz

Amplitude: 1.52mm(±0.75mm)

Cycle: 4 minutes

Time: 1 hour / X.Y.Z direction

Insertion loss variation: ≤0.3dB
Tension more than 5 kg for cable jacket Insertion loss variation: ≤0.3dB
Impact Free fall: 4 M Insertion loss variation: ≤0.3dB
Repeat-connection with adaptor 500 times Insertion loss variation: ≤0.3dB
Temperature Cycle Cycle: 8 hours

Total: 12 cycles / 96 hours

Temperature Maintenance: 1 hour

*Cycle: 23 → -40 → 23 → +75 → 23

Insertion loss variation: ≤0.3dB  (before, after and during the test)

Return loss: ≥35dB (during the test)

No Mechanical damage (including transform, damage)

Temperature /  Humidity Deterioration 40 ℃ (relative humidity : 95%)

Time: 96 hours

Insertion loss variation: ≤0.3dB   (before, after and during the test)

Return loss: ≥40dB  (during the test)

No Mechanical damage (including transform, damage)

5. How Many Types of Fast Connector You Can Get

Fibconet provides all kinds of fast connector to meet your needs, including:

①  Cold Shut Type

  • Sc Fast Connector-A/B/C/E
  • Fc Fast Connector
  • Lc Fast Connector

②  Hot Melt Type

  • Sc Fast Connector
  • Fc Fast Connector

③  Special Type

  • Sc Fast Connector-A
  • Sc Fast Connector-B

6. Quality Control

Our fast connectors are well-tested to meet the needs of your end customers.

We guarantee the following performance, and if you encounter quality problems (this is not common), we can also provide refund services.

  • Optical performance: InsertionLoss and ReturnLoss
  • Interchangeability: additional loss≤0.2dB
  • Tensile strength: >90N
  • Temperature: -40℃~+70℃
  • Insertion times: ≥1000 times

7. Package of Our Product

Fibconet provides a variety of packaging methods, you can choose according to your needs.

Standard Package

# Model Components
1 FAOC-SS04-SC/PC FAOC unit, Installation Guide
2 FAOC-SS04-SC/APC FAOC unit, Installation Guide
Measurement Jig is provided for every 50 connectors.


fast connect

8. Our Factory Show

9. Why Choose Us

As a professional fast connector manufacturer, Fibconet uses the latest fiber forming technology.
All optical and mechanical specifications of the product you get are compliant.
The innovative mechanical cold end-making patch cord technology provides strong support for your FTTx business.

10. How to install fast connector?

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