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We Manufacture Fiber Optic PLC Splitter Since 1994

Fibconet started as a professional plc splitter factory In 1994.
Today we are still the top 3 PLC/FBT splitter suppliers in China.

With the improvement of Fibconet production technology,
and the growing FTTx products requirement of our customers.
We have developed and integrated the entire FTTx supply chain to meet your one-stop service needs.

Fibconet can not only offer you the best prices for PLC splitters and FBT splitters.
But also consider your specific needs and propose a variety of plans and quotations for FTTx construction.

fiber optic plc splitter manufacturer

1. What is PLC Splitter

The PLC(planar waveguide optical splitter)is a quartz-based integrated waveguide optical power distribution component.
It is one of the most important passive devices in optical fiber links.

Optical splitter is one of the most important components of an ODN network.
It usually has one or more input and several output ends, and M x N represents this. Optical splitter M × N indicates that a splitter has M inputs and N outputs.


  • FTTX
  • Cable television (CATV)
  • Local area networks (LAN)
  • Test equipment
  • Passive optical networks(PON)


  • Uniform light distribution and many branches. Optical signals can be evenly distributed to multiple end users. The number of channels is up to 64;
  • Compact structure, small size, can be installed without a large space. Commonly found in various transfer boxes;
  • The more split channels, the more obvious the cost advantage. Therefore, it is very suitable for passive optical networks.

2.Main Raw Materials of Our Product

We adopt finest materials for brilliant performance, to ensure the products you get in the low IL, great uniformity, less bubble, small concentricity, and aperture.
All the materials are ROHS certificated and meet exporting quality level demand.
These are our principle and basement to have a good reputation of quality in the FTTH area.
① Chip: The PLC splitter chip is fabricated using a semiconductor process (lithography, etching, development, etc.).To provide high performance products, Our Chips generally use SHIJIA, OLKOPTO, South Korean wooriro.
② Fiber:Fiberhome,YOFC,HTGD etc.
③ Ferrule: CCTC (the world’s biggest supplier)
④ Glue: NTT from Japan

Raw Material

3. Types of PLC Splitter

The most common PLC splitter packaging methods are ABS box type,
module type, mini type, bare fiber type, 19-inch standard rack mount, branch type, tray type, and so on.
PLC Splitter has various adapter mounting interfaces. eg SC, LC, FC or ST connectors.
You can view optical splitter products on different category pages, or contact us to get specific information.

4. Structures You May Interest

①Mini Type PLC Splitter Structure

Mini Type PLC Splitter structure

②ABS Box Type PLC Splitter Structure

abs box Type PLC Splitter structure

③Plug-in Type PLC Splitter Structure

plug-in Type PLC Splitter structure

④Steel Tube Size and Structure

steel tube

steel Tube size

4.Quality Standard

Testing (2)
Low IL,High RL: Such as patch cord the IL we can reach 0.1 db.Generally 0.2db is enough for market
High-low temperature cycle: Twice high-low temperature cycle test -50°~85°.Have a good reputation in the Russian market.
Dring room:Effectively prolong the service life of optical devices.Few factory do this.

Material Properties

  • Temperature -Humidity Aging : 85°C / 85% for 14 days.
  • Temperature -Humidity Cycling : 40°C to 75°C, 10% to 80%
  • Humidity, 14 days
  • Temperature Effects on DWDM Components : 40°C to 85°C, 1 to 2°C per min., one cycle,
  • Water Immersion : 43°C in distilled water, PH5.5 for 168 hour
  • Vibration Test-Variable Frequencies : 10Hz to 2000Hz, 1.52mm max. amplitude, 3 axes, 2 hours per axis.
  • Thermal Shock Test : Liquid Thermal Shock test, 0 to 100°C.
  • High Temperature Storage (Dry Heat) : 85% for 2000 hours.
  • High Temperature Storage (Damp Heat) : 85°C /85% up to 2000 hours.
  • Low Temperature Storage : 40°C for 2000 hours.
  • Temperature Cycling Test : 40°C to 70°C air thermal shock, 10 cycles.


5. Package of Our Product

General Packing list
Mini PLC Splitter: single PE bag or blister box, 150-400 pieces/carton, size 43x42x33/61.5×51.5×25;
Plug-in PLC Splitter: packed in a single PE bag, 100 pcs/carton, size 71x27x26;
ABS Box PLC Splitter: single PE bag, 100-150 pcs/carton, size 47x36x48

eg package

Our Package way

6. Certificates You May Need

Our products have the certificates you need:

  • TLC Certification;
  • ISO 9001 Environmental Testing;
  • ISO 9002;
  • CCA European Fire Rating and so on.

If you need any other required certificates, please contact us for more information.

7. Splitting Ratio

General in the market ratio is usually 1 × 2/4/8/32/64/128,
Fibconet these two year have done many research in the 1×3 which applied in smart home and FTTR, including:
● 1 × 3/6/12/24.
Common and Special plc splitter production process is the same, with the main detection wavelength 1310/1490/1550 nm.
● 1 × 5/7/9/17.
It uses an output fiber as a cascaded connection to an ordinary PLC.
The detection wavelength was 1310/1490/1550/1625/1650nm.

8. Some New Product You May Interest

Fibconet has never stopped the pace of product development.
If you have a new fiber optic splitter product demand, please contact us.
Our professional R&D team will serve you, you can get a view here for more information about our new products.

9.Why Choose Us

① Surface and structure design for the products can be provided to meet a variety of demands.
② 3D sample can be offered before the mass production
③ Third-party service of full-process video audit and inspection of factory and products can be provided

Auto-Producing Machine

plc machine plc machine


① What is Simple Plug-in Optical Splitter?

Compared with our conventional type,
The simple type has no jumper wires, a part head and half an adapter,
And the ferrule is directly connected to the adapter.

② Can we provide Bare Fiber PLC Splitter?

Yes, It is small and can be spliced with other fibers in pigtail boxes, test instruments, and WDM systems.
Typically used in FTTH, PON, CATV, test equipment, and other applications.

High-quality optical splitter is critical to the normal transmission of information,
Its service life directly impacts whether the ODN network can guarantee reliable use for 20 to 30 years.
As a professional plc splitter manufacturer from China,
We offer a variety of 1xN and 2xN splitter products that are customized for specific applications.

Be free to contact us for our new future!

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