FTTR Solution

1. What is FTTR

FTTR(Fiber-to-the-room), is an innovative solution that allows telecom operators to bring optical fibers directly into rooms. With the FTTR solution, operators can lay invisible fiber cables in users’ rooms and install multiple routers.

Usually including a main router and several sub-routers, as needed.

By implementing FTTR, users can enjoy seamless WiFi coverage throughout homes or workplaces.

This eliminates the need for users to worry about laying network cables, purchasing and configuring routers and other network-related headaches.

At Fibconet, we specialize in providing Huawei-compatible FTTR solutions that are designed with your needs in mind. Our FTTR solutions are reliable to ensure high-speed data transmission.

2. FTTR: Pros and Cons


  • Direct fiber optic connection to rooms reduces signal loss over longer distances and higher transmission capacity.
  • Multiple FTTR routers provide seamless WiFi coverage throughout the home, eliminating signal dead zones and improving the user experience.
  • The use of invisible fiber optic cables results in better aesthetics and easier cable management.
  • The overall FTTR solution saves users time and effort.


The overall cost of the FTTR solution is currently higher, making it more suitable for commercial use than for residential use.

3. FTTR Solution Introducing

In the realm of digital connectivity, the FTTR (Fiber to the Room) solution represents a revolutionary step forward, ensuring that every corner of the home or office is blanketed with gigabit-speed WiFi.

FTTR extends fiber optic cables directly to each room, offering a level of performance and coverage that traditional WiFi networks can’t match.

Deployment Scenarios: Post-Renovation vs. Pre-Renovation

Post-Renovation Scenario:

In a post-renovation scenario, FTTR is integrated into existing structures. This can be challenging as it requires skilled technicians to navigate and utilize existing concealed pipelines, which may already house other network and coaxial cables.

This process can sometimes necessitate visible cabling if the concealed pipelines are not suitable for additional fiber optic cables, which requires careful planning to maintain the property’s aesthetic integrity.

Pre-Renovation Scenario:

Conversely, the pre-renovation scenario presents an ideal opportunity to implement FTTR. This approach allows for the strategic placement of information points and the seamless installation of fiber optic cables within concealed pipelines.

This method is particularly beneficial in complex structures, such as villas, where it ensures a smooth deployment process, preserving both the appearance and structural integrity of the property.

For end users, the pre-renovation approach guarantees not just comprehensive WiFi coverage but also an unobtrusive installation that upholds the home’s design. It allows for a completely integrated network that is both efficient and invisible.

FTTR Scenarios

Operators also benefit from the FTTR solution as it lays down a full-house fiber infrastructure, potentially bundling ISP router products. This strategy can enhance customer loyalty and streamline after-sales service, leading to improved user experiences and reduced maintenance costs.

4. Why We Need FTTR for Full Gigabit WiFi Coverage

Interference and Bandwidth:

With FTTR, the common interference plaguing the 2.4GHz WiFi frequency band is no longer a concern.

FTTR ensures a direct, interference-free connection in every room, significantly improving the network’s performance and speed capabilities.

Penetration of Walls:

The 5GHz frequency band, while faster and less congested, struggles with wall penetration, often resulting in weakened WiFi signals.

FTTR circumvents this issue by extending fiber directly into each room, thereby guaranteeing strong and consistent coverage throughout the property.

Stable and High-Speed Connectivity:

FTTR provides a stable and high-speed connection that caters to bandwidth-heavy activities such as

  • streaming 4K content
  • virtual reality applications
  • uninterrupted real-time communications

FTTR application

The super-gigabit network capacity of FTTR offers a truly seamless digital experience.

Whole-Family Coverage:

FTTR caters to the needs of large households, ensuring that all family members can connect multiple devices simultaneously without compromising on speed or reliability.

With FTTR, everyone in the home enjoys a premium broadband experience.

5. Choose Fibconet for Your FTTR Projects

Fibconet stands out as a seasoned manufacturer of plc splitter, which is critical component in FTTR solutions.

With close collaborations with factories producing complementary products, allowing us to supply major operators across China.

By choosing us, you benefit from competitive factory pricing and direct technical guidance.

Should your region not yet have a widespread demand for FTTR, consider our established Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) product line to support your optical communication endeavors. We look forward to fostering a collaborative partnership with you.

Experience the advantage of partnering with Fibconet for your FTTR projects and join our network of satisfied clientele in advancing fiber optic connectivity.

What You Can Enjoy From Fibconet FTTR
  • Fiber to The Room: 10 Gigabit to home, ultra gigabit to room.
  • EasyMesh Network: Zero configuration, plug and play, Zero packet loss, seamless roaming.
  • Fast internet experience: Wi-Fi 6@160, provide 2 Gigabit wireless access, 2.5GE interface, provide 2 Gigabit wired access.
  • Convenient deployment: Supports wall mounted and 86 box installation, stronger deployment adaptability.
  • Beautiful appearance: Colorful style, making home decoration more beautiful: Clear Sky Blue, Hermes Orange, Taro Purple, Classic White, Cherry Blossom Pink.

6. FTTR Network Products Show

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