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1. What is MPO

Want to keep up with the times? Come and try the MTP/MPO series, it is the future of fiber optic communication.
MTP/MPO series are ideal products for various applications such as disaster recovery, backbone network, and fiber distribution in buildings.
For example, an MTP/MPO connector can realize 12-core transmission on an optical cable.

With MTP/MPO series products, users can use one optical cable with 12 cores to realize the connection between the trunk and each branch.
The use of this multi-core technology greatly saves wiring time, and the installation is fast and precise.

2. Main Product of MPO Series

MPO/MTP cassette

MPO / MTP Cassette Modules provide secure transition between MPO /MTP and LC or SC discrete connectors.

They provide a quick, reliably, high performance and efficient way to deploy up to 24 LC or 12 SC fiber ports in a single module.

The Modules can be mounted in 1U, 2U, 3U or 4U 19″ multi-slot chassis. They are available in Multi-mode and Single-mode cable.

Fiber Optic MPO MTP Connector Patch Cord

MPO fiber optic connector is a multi-core multi-channel plug-in connector.

It is suitable for the connection of 4, 8, 12, or 24 fibers side by side.
MTP fiber optic connectors have better mechanical and optical properties.
MTP/MPO fiber optic connectors are specially designed for multi-core ribbon cables.

The ferrule of the MTP/MPO single-mode fiber optic connector is angled to minimize return reflection loss.
Meanwhile, the sleeve of MTP/MPO multimode fiber is flat.
The optical fibers inside the ribbon cable sheath are arranged in a straight line, also known as ribbon cable.

Fiber Optic MPO MTP Connector Patch Cord (7)

MPO patch cords  forms by MPO connectors and optical fiber cables.

It can be designed with 2~12 cores, up to 24 cores.The compact design of the MPO connector makes the MPO jumper more cores and smaller in size.

Currently, 12-core MPO connectors are popular choice.

3. Application of MPO Patch Cord

  • LAN cabling between different buildings
  • Optical link interconnection in optical active equipment
  • Wiring in communication base stations and distribution boxes
  • Optical signal connection in residential quarters, industrial park computer rooms, and commercial building computer rooms
  • Building Dense Wiring System
  • Optical fiber communication system, cable TV network, telecommunication network
  • Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), FTTx

4. Specification Sample

Type Single-mode (APC polish) Single-mode (PC polish) Multi-mode (PC polish)
Fiber count 4,8,12, 24 ,48 etc. 4,8,12, 24,48 etc. 4,8,12, 24,48 etc.
Fiber type G652D,G657A1, etc. G652D,G657A1, etc. 62.5/125,OM2,OM3,OM4, etc.
Elite / Low Loss Standard Elite / Low Loss Standard Elite / Low Loss Standard
Maximum Insertion Loss
≤0.35 dB ≤0.70 dB ≤0.35 dB ≤0.70 dB ≤0.35 dB ≤0.5 dB
0.25 dB Typical 0.5 dB Typical 0.25 dB Typical 0.5 dB Typical 0.2 dB Typical 0.35 dB Typical
Return Loss ≥55 dB ≥45 dB ≥20 dB
Durability ≥200 times ≥200 times ≥200 times
Test Wavelength 1310nm / 1550nm 1310nm / 1550nm 850nm / 1300nm

5. MPO Connector Matrials

MPO fiber optic connectors include optical fibers, jackets, coupling components, ferrules, pins (PIN pins), dust caps, etc.

The pin part is divided into two forms: male and female.
Male connector has two pins, and the female connector does not.
The connection between MPO connectors is precisely aligned by PIN pins.

MPO Connector Matrials

6. MPO Polarity Classification

Type A (straight-through type): The fiber cores at both ends of the jumper are arranged in the same position. 1 at one end corresponds to 1 at the other end, and 12 at one end corresponds to 12 at the other end. The Keys at both ends face the opposite direction. Key up corresponds to key down.

MPO Polarity Classification A

Type B (staggered type): The arrangement of the fiber cores at both ends of the jumper is opposite. 1 at one end corresponds to 12 at the other end, and 12 at one end corresponds to 1 at the other end. The keys on both ends face the same direction.

MPO Polarity Classification B

Type C (staggered in pairs): The type C MPO jumper is a pair of adjacent fiber core positions crossed.
The core 1 at one end corresponds to the 2 at the other end.
Orientation of the keys at both ends is also opposite, and key up corresponds to key down.

MPO Polarity Classification C

7. Quality Control You Can Trust

3D shape detection
High resolution, large enough field of view, able to detect MT16 frame positioning measurement.

End face detection
Fully automatic inspection, PC and APC share the fixture.

End cleaning
The cleaning effect is 98%. External liquid and gas pressure regulating device. The pressure resistance value is 1.0Mpa.

polarity detection
Compatible with SM, MM, PC, APC Contactless port support. Support horizontal and vertical scene use platform + modular design

Optical performance test
Multi-core IRL time-sharing synchronous test. The lowest detectable -70dB.

Multi-core insertion return loss tester

8. MPO Cassette Installation Tips

mpo cassette installation tips

9. The difference between MTP connector and MPO connector

1. Spring design comparison
Compared to MPO connectors, MTP connectors maintain a good space between the spring and the inner ribbon fiber. This design can reduce the damage to the optical fiber when plugging and unplugging, thereby prolonging the service life of the connector.

2. Plug reliability test comparison
After 600 times of plugging and unplugging of the MTP connector, the end face near the guide hole has no obvious damage and remains basically intact.
After the MPO connector was plugged and pulled out more than 500 times, the end face near the guide hole was obviously damaged.

3. Design comparison of guide pin clips
The guide pin holder of the MTP connector can effectively fix the guide pins and prevent them from falling off and being lost.

9. Why Choose Us

Advantages of MPO patch cord

  • High-density and small design, Easy and fast installation.
  • Available in 12 / 24 / 48 fiber versions.
  • Field connections with guaranteed quality and simplifies fiber routing.
  • Modular system management, easy  reconfiguration for moves,adds and changes.
  • Customized fiber polarity in the module.

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