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1. What is Network Cabinet

As trusted network cabinet manufacturers, we’re proud to present our top-tier fiber optic network cabinets.

These network racks(cabinets) have the utmost precision and attention to detail.

Offering a secure and manageable environment for your essential networking equipment.

Product Highlights:

  • Robust Construction: Composed of a sturdy frame and cover, forming a rectangular parallelepiped structure that ensures optimal durability and stability.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Seamlessly accommodate a variety of equipment, such as switches, fiber optic adapters and fiber distribution frames.
  • Superior Protection: Electromagnetic isolation and sound insulation. Also exhibit anti-vibration and corrosion-resistant properties for long-lasting performance.
  • Ventilation and Heat Dissipation: Understanding the importance of temperature regulation for network equipment, our network cabinets have effective ventilation and heat dissipation features. This ensures your equipment stays cool, enhancing its performance and lifespan.
  • Easy Maintenance and Management: Their user-friendly structure allows for convenient and safe access to the equipment housed inside, making managing your network a breeze.


  • Network integrated wiring
  • Data Center
  • Tadio
  • Television
  • Fttx

2. Types of Network Cabinet

As an experienced network server rack manufacturer, Fibconet offers a variety of fiber optic network cabinets.

They cater to various technical requirements and settings. Here’s an overview.

① 19-inch Rack Cabinet

Standard type rack server that have a width of 19 inches. Accommodate standard-sized communication and network equipment. They are commonly used in data centers, communication base stations, and enterprise network environments. inter of network cabinet

② 23-inch Rack Cabinet

More common in particular communication equipment fields, such as traditional telephone exchanges and communication operators’ equipment. These cabinets fit the telecommunications and communications industry.

③ Wall-mounted Cabinet

They typically have smaller dimensions and capacity for installing network switches, routers and wiring devices.

Suitable for limited space environments like small offices or home networks.

④ Outdoor Cabinet

Suitable for outdoor environments, these cabinets feature waterproofing, dustproofing, and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

They are commonly used for wireless communication base stations, fiber access and telecommunications equipment.

⑤ High-Density Cabinet

Providing increased equipment capacity and cooling capability for high-density communication equipment and servers.

High-density network cabinets usually have optimized airflow and cooling systems.

⑥ Open-frame Racks

Open-frame Network cabinets do not have doors or sides. Instead with open frames and rails for mounting. Ideal for security projects.

3. Our Workship

network cabinet factory

As trusted network rack manufacturers, we take pride in our ISO9001-certified factory that caters to your network cabling needs and server installations.

Our products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of data centers and various network infrastructures.

Our unique advantage lies in our ability to design, modify, and customize network rack cabinets for enhanced Ethernet delivery and performance.

4. Our Service

Our goal is to elevate precision in assembling network cabinets for standard-sized servers.

We construct these cabinets using high-quality steel and each product undergoes a series of quality tests before it reaches your hands.

Our attention to refinement methods and surface finishing sets us apart.

Our durable network cabinets resist scratching and wear. Thanks to our use of powder coating methods, pickling and phosphating for surface finishing.

We offer a variety of colors for you to choose the cabinet that best matches your needs.

5. Quality Control

At Fibconet, quality is paramount. All raw materials used in the production of our data cabinets are thoroughly inspected by our QC experts.

Each critical step of the manufacturing process is rigorously audited to ensure the high-quality products you expect from us.

Our advanced quality control system ensures consistent manufacturing of data cabinets and network accessories.

network cabinet factory 2

All of our equipment is ETL and UL certified, and it also features CE markings that meet ANSI/TIA-568 C.2 requirements.

As an environmentally responsible manufacturer, we strictly adhere to RoHS and LSZH standards for consumer safety.

6. Main Structure of Network Cabinet

network cabinet

7. Items of Network Cabinet

Our fiber optic network cabinets come with a variety of accessories to enhance functionality and user experience.

As dedicated network rack manufacturers, we understand the importance of these accessories and offer:

  • Fans: Choose between 2 to 4 fans for superior ventilation and heat management.
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs): We provide PDUs with an input voltage of 110V, 220V, or dual voltage. Socket types include C13, C19, and more, along with varying power cord lengths.
  • Ears and Screws: We also provide necessary mounting accessories like ears and screws for easy assembly and installation.

network server rack kits

No. Item Qty
1 Top Cover 1
2 Fan tray 1
3 Side door 2
4 Vertical cable management 2
5 Cable management cover 2
6 Fixed shelf 1
7 Front tempered glass door 1
8 Castor 4
9 Top panel 1
10 Frame 2
11 Mounting rail 4
12 Mounting angle 6
13 Adjustable feet 4
14 Rear double vented door 1
15 Frame 1


8. Our Package Way

FTTH-12u-Wall-Mounted-Outdoor-Optical-Fiber-Optic-Network-Cabinet (2)

FTTH-12u-Wall-Mounted-Outdoor-Optical-Fiber-Optic-Network-Cabinet (1)

network cabinet packing

9. Why Choose Us

  • Customizable Network Rack Cabinet Production
  • Fast Lead Time
  • Expert production of data network accessories and solutions for both outdoor and indoor network installations.
  • Highly compatible with standard 19” rack equipment.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Techniques for Producing Bulk Network Rack Cabinets

If you want to know more about our network cabinets, be free to contact us for manufacturer service!

10. FAQ

1. What are the dimensions of the network cabinets?

Network rack dimensions commonly come in three sizes: 40U, 42U, and 45U. The height is usually represented in “U”, with 1U equivalent to 1.75 inches.

The depth refers to the distance between the front and back of the rack. Fibconet offers 9U/12U/42U/45U racks and can also provide customized services based on customer needs.

2. What is the thickness of the network cabinets?

The overall thickness of the network cabinets is divided into before and after the spraying process.

Before the spraying process, the thickness is typically 0.8mm, and after spraying, it is 1.0mm/1.2mm.

3. What types of front and rear doors do the network cabinets have?

Glass doors and mesh doors.

4. What is the thickness of the network cabinet’s uprights?

Standard network cabinets usually have uprights with a thickness of 2.0MM.

While the side panels and front and rear doors are typically 1.2MM thick.

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