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1. What is Fiber Optic Distribution Box

The fiber distribution box is a device used when FTTH optical cables are terminated and directly fused at the user side.

It is generally installed on corridors and telecommunication poles.
Compared with the fiber distribution box, the fiber splitter box has more slots for optical splitters, and can install 2-4 optical splitters.
It is suitable for the junction point of the distribution optical cable in the optical fiber access network and the drop cable.

The cabinet is installed on the wall or on a pole, and can be used in both indoor and outdoor scenarios.

The connection and scheduling between the outer line armored optical cable and the drop-in drop optical cable are carried out through the SC type plug-in card optical splitter and quick connector.
① The cabinet is made of ABS, with a service life of more than 20 years.
② Double-layer structure design, the upper layer is the optical splitter wiring layer, and the lower layer is the optical fiber fusion layer.

2. What is Rossete Wall Outlet Box

The fiber optic rossete indoor wall outlet box is used for indoor cable distribution.

wall outlet box manufacturer

The main purpose is to connect outdoor fiber optic cable and indoor optical router in the middle.

The box is equipped with a fixed-length fiber optic cable, and the user can turn the fiber storage wheel to adjust the length of the cable according to the actual needs.

Invisible fiber optic cable with standard SC connectors on the end of the 2 pieces, with an external diameter of 0.9mm, the exterior is made of high-strength transparent nylon material.

There is a high strength and stealth effect, the back of the box with 3M adhesive double-sided adhesives, allows for quick wall mounting, for unsuitable paste the wall.

You can also use expansion screws to install it. In addition, fixing the optical cable, equipped with several transparent stackable mounting brackets, allows the user to connect the outdoor optical cable to the optical router simply and quickly as required.

The installation does not require other heat sealing equipment, simple installation on the external wall, improving the aesthetics of the indoor wall. It’s the ideal product for FTTH.

3.Application of Fiber Distribution Box

Indoor, outdoor, wall hanging, hanging pole, FTTH network, telecommunication network, data communication network, local area network, etc., generally installed on corridors and telecommunication poles.

4. Specification and Structure Samples

Dimension and capacity

Outside dimension (Height x Diameter) 280*194*380mm
Weight (excluding outside box) About 2850g
Number of inlet/out ports Fiber cable 10 pcs
Diameter of fiber cable Main fiber cable Φ7~Φ16mm,
Branch cable Φ5~Φ11.5mm
Capacity of FOSC Bunchy: 96-144cores

Main components

No. Name of components Quantity Usage Remarks
1 FOSC cover 1 piece Protecting fiber cable splices in whole Dimension:
2 Fiber optic splice tray (FOST) Max.8 trays Fixing heat shrinkable protective sleeve and holding fibers Bunchy: 12 cores/tray
3 Splitter tray 4 pcs Fixing splitter
4 Fiber holding tray 1 pc Hold the fiber with loose tube
5 Base 1set Fixing internal and external structure
6 FOSC clamp 1 set Fixing between FOSC cover and base
7 Sealing rings 1 set Big O-ring is used to seal FOSC cover and base.
Small gasket ring is used to seal inlet/outlet ports
1 pc of big O-ring,
8 pcs of small sealing ring
8 Velcro tape 1 No. To fix all trays
9 Tray wedge 1 No. To support the tray If the routing block and trays are in vertical position
10 Hose clamp(small) 2 pcs Use for fixing the fiber cable
11 Plastic gasket 8 set Protect elastic seal rings from corruption
12 Pressure testing valve 1 set After inject air, it is used for  pressure testing and sealing testing Optional component
13 Earthing deriving device 1 set Deriving metallic parts of fiber cables in FOSC for earthing connection Optional component

Main accessories and special tools

No. Name of accessories Quantity Usage Remarks
1 Heat shrinkable protective sleeve 120 pcs Protecting fiber splices
2 PVC adhesive tape 1 pc Enlarging diameter of fiber  cable for easy fixing
3 Nylon tie 24 pcs Fixing fiber with protective coat
4 Fiber cleaning/Tissue paper 100 sheets To clean fiber cables
5 Labeling kit 12 sets Labeling fibers
6 Special wrench 2 pcs Installing and tightening nut of reinforced core and nut (plastic) of  inlet/outlet ports
7 Silica gel 1 packet Put into FOSC before sealing for desiccating air
8 Transport tubes 1 No. Hitched to fibers and fixed with FOST, managing buffer.
9 Sealing tape 1 roll Enlarging diameter of fiber  cable which fits in with seal fitting
10 Emery Paper 1 No. Scratching fiber cable
11 Wall mounting kit 1 set For wall mounting
12 Pole mounting kit 1 set For pole mounting
13 Earthing wire 1 pc Putting through between earthing devices Optional accessory
installation size
installation size
box size
box size

5. Materias

The materials of the fiber optic distribution box are SMC, ABS+PC, ABS, and PP.
The differences in quality between the materials are in terms of material density, gloss, heat resistance, impact resistance, compression resistance, abrasion resistance and flame resistance.
The most cost-effective of the four materials is ABS+PC, which is capable of meeting most of the material requirements of fiber distribution boxes at a moderate cost.

SMC fiber distribution box is mainly used in extremely harsh environments, it is expensive and of great quality.

ABS material distribution box is universal choice, due to its available price.

PP material is the lowest performance, has more brittle texture, generally used to make joint boxes.

If you prefer high quality, We recommended PC + ABS, and if you prefer the price, we recommended pure ABS material.
Take the 16-core fiber distribution box for example, each box uses 1KG of material, the cost difference between the two materials is around 0.5USD.

6. Producing and Manufacturing of Fiber Optic Distribution Box

Drawings: Fibconet can provide you with customized product services. We can not only provide product drawings, but also 3D modeling displays.
Injection molding: the speed of injection molding depends on the number of injection molding machines and how many pieces are molded at one time. Fibconet factory can mold 4000 boxes per day. Ensure that it is delivery on time.
Assembly: This process is the manual part.We have more than 80 skilled workers to ensure the quality of our products.
Testing: Our products have been strictly tested and will be delivered with a quality inspection certificate.

7. Our Quality Control

Quality test of the fiber distribution box is mainly waterproof, dustproof test, and impact test,
High and low temperature, humidity tests, and full-loaded distribution with splitter tests.

The IP level of the fiber optical distribution box must be at least IP65.
Fiber distribution box with joint function, which is mainly used in the sewer or buried construction, The protection level must reach IP68.

The impact test mainly tests the physical compression performance of the product.
Some fiber boxes with poor materials or injection thicknesses will not pass the impact test.

8. Packing Datas

Fiber distribution box four cores: single inner box, 50/box, gross weight 16kg, carton size 40x29x58cm;
Eight cores: single inner box, 20 pieces/carton, gross weight 14kg, carton size 52x32x42cm; 16 cores: single inner box, 10 pieces/carton, gross weight 15.3kg, carton size 60.5×33.5x50cm

9.Why Choose Us

① Surface and structure design for the products can be provided to meet a variety of demands.
② 3D sample can be offered before the mass production
③ Third-party service of full-process video audit and inspection of factory and products can be provided.


① How can we place an order?

After the agreement is made on the product parameters, we will make a proforma invoice for you to confirm.
As soon as advance payment (deposit) is received, we will arrange the production and delivery.
If you have your ship forwarder, we will use your ship forwarder to deliver goods;
While you don’t have a shipping forwarder, we can ship them by our agent shipping company which offers a competitive freight cost.

② What is the quality of your products?

All of our products are of high quality. We promise a 100% recall policy if products are unqualified, and we can write it into our contract.

③ How do you arrange the shipping?

Solution A: Fibconet takes care of everything.
Clients only need to collect cargo in a local port or wait for cargo delivery to their office.
There are two types of shipping methods available: by sea and by air
(Express courier – FedEx/ DHL/UPS/TNT/EMS. We can ship them according to your express account or ship them by our agent company. The delivery time is about four to seven days).
Solution B: Clients assign a Shenzhen logistic company to do the shipping,
Fibconet follows the shipping company’s instructions and finishes the delivery.

④ How can you guarantee the delivery time?

To avoid the delay, we have built a complete and professional procedure system from production to delivery.
We have rich experience in production and delivery.
We can regulate the penalty clause in the contract for the late delay.

⑤ What’s your best price for your passive fiber optic product?

Based on the quality and quantity of goods, we would quote the best matching price for you all the time.Please contact me if you want to get the latest price list.

⑥ What is the connector style and internal structure of the fiber distribution box

Connector style: plug type, socket type
Internal structure: 1. Install micro-PLC or adapter pigtail 2. Install plug-in PLC

⑦ What are the core numbers of the fiber distribution box?

12 cores, 24 cores, 36 cores, 48 cores, 60 cores, 72 cores, 96 cores, 144 cores

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