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What is WDM

Filter WDM modules are widely used in optical amplifiers and WDM networks. They separate or combine light at different wavelengths (1310nm/1490nm/1550nm) across a broad wavelength range.

This technology expands the capacity of a single fiber for bidirectional communication. Making it ideal for optical network upgrades and expansions, or for introducing new comprehensive business solutions.

Wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) is a fiber optic communications technology that multiplexes multiple optical carrier signals onto a single optical fiber.

There are three types of WDM systems: normal WDM, coarse CWDM and dense DWDM. The notation “xWDM” is commonly use to refer to these different WDM types.

  • Low Insertion Loss & High Isolation
  • Low PDL
  • Compact Design
  • High Reliability and Stability
  • WDM System
  • PON Networks
  • CATV Links

2.Advantages of WDM Technology

Large transmission capacity

It can save fiber resources, for example, a single-wavelength optical fiber system requires 32 optical fibers for 16 2.5Gb/s systems, while the WDM system only needs 2 optical fibers.

Transparency to different signal types

It is “transparent” to various business signals and can transmit different types of signals, including digital and analog signals. Synthesize and decompose signal is one of WDM functions.

Ideal expansion means

WDM technology is an ideal expansion means. There is no need to lay more optical fibers or use high-speed network components during network expansion. Any new business or capacity expansion can be introduced only by changing the terminal unit and adding optical wavelength.

Dynamic reconfigurable optical network

By using optical add-drop multiplexers (OADM) or optical cross-connect devices (OXC) at network nodes. It can build a dynamically reconfigurable optical network with high flexibility, high reliability and high survivability.

3.Specification of WDM

Parameters Specification Unit
Operating wavelength T15/R1314
Transmission band 1540~1570 nm
Reflection wavelength 1260~1360&1480~1500 nm
Insertion Loss Transmission band 0.8 dB
Reflection band 0.4 dB
Isolation Transmission band 30 dB
Reflection band 15 dB
Passband Ripple 0.5 dB
Polarization Dependent Loss 0.2 dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion 0.1 PS
Return Loss 45 dB
Directivity 50 dB
Maximum Optical Power 500 mW
Operating Temperature -25~75
Storage Temperature -25~75
Package Dimension (mm)  (Φ×L) Φ5.5*L34 or  90*20*10 mm

4.Main types of WDM



CWDM stands for coarse wavelength division multiplexing.


DWDM is short for dense wavelength division multiplexing. CWDM and DWDM use light to transmit data. Each light pulse transmitted through a fiber cable contains multiple light wavelengths that can be encoded with data from various sources. CWDM can handle up to 18 wavelength channels, while DWDM can handle up to 80.

steel tube type wdm
Steel Tube Type WDM

The FWDM series is based on Thin Film Filter technology which is eco-friendly. The device combines or separates light of different wavelengths over a broad wavelength range. They offer low insertion loss, low polarization dependence, high isolation and excellent environmental stability.

ABS box type fwdm

Passive Wavelength-Division Multiplexing.


Athermal AWG(Arrayed Waveguide Grating), or AAWG, is based on silica-on-silicon planar technology. Fibconet provides a series of AAWG DWDM MUX/DEMUX with 24, 32, 40, 44, and 48 channels optional

5.Testing of Our Products

Fibconet providess test report when the products are delivered. Including following ch-aracteristic test data:
– Insertion Loss (room temperature)
– Return Loss (room temperature)
– PPN、SN bar code
– According to Customer demands

6. Dimensional Structure


7. Packing and Marking

Products will be packaged carefully to prevent damage and characteristic deterioration due to temperature/humidity, mechanical vibration, and shock during transporting.
Following items indicate on the outer packaging surface:

  • Customer Product name
  • Model
  • Serial number
  • Other customer information such as contract no., project no. and delivery destination. (if needed)

*Regular package Type(Customization is available):
package Type

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