144/288 Core IP68 Mechanical Seal-type Splice Closure


  • Robust construction
  • High-quality engineering plastics
  • Versatility in cable compatibility
  • Turnable internal splice trays
  • Excellent sealing performance
  • Compact design with large capacity


  • Telecommunications industry
  • Outdoor installations
  • Aerial, pipeline, and embedded applications
  • Fiber optic splice management and protection
  • High-density fiber terminations and connections

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Mechanical seal-type splice closure facilitates the distribution, splicing, and storage of optical cables entering and exiting the unit.

They are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of various installation scenarios.

Such as aerial, pipeline, and embedded applications.

1. Robust Material and Construction

The casing of the splice closure is crafted from high-quality engineering plastics, ensuring durability against environmental factors such as acid, alkali salts, and UV exposure. The design also caters to aesthetics with a smooth finish and maintains a reliable mechanical structure capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and intensive climate variations. The protection grade of these closures reaches IP68, indicating their superior dust and water resistance.

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2. Versatility in Cable Compatibility

These closures support both ribbon type and common optical cables, making them versatile for various network configurations and fiber management needs.

3. Innovative Internal Structure

The internal splice trays are turnable like booklets, offering ease of access and management. They ensure a minimum bending radius of 40mm for optical fibers, which is crucial for minimizing signal loss and maintaining fiber integrity.

4. Sealing and Reusability

Equipped with elastic rubber seal rings, the closures provide excellent sealing performance that is both durable and resistant to environmental factors. The design allows for repeated opening and closing of the casing without compromising the air-tight seal, facilitating easy maintenance and upgrades without the need for special tools.

5. Compact Design with Large Capacity

Despite their small volume, these splice closures offer a significant capacity of up to 288 cores, addressing the needs for high-density fiber terminations and connections in modern telecommunications infrastructure.

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Standard Accessories and Optional Features

Each unit comes with a comprehensive kit of accessories to aid installation and maintenance, including sealing strips, cleaning tools, and cable management supplies.

Optional accessories such as pole mounting kits and aerial installation tools are available to enhance flexibility and adaptability in different deployment scenarios.

Technical Specifications and Performance

  • Dimensions: Height: 530 mm, Diameter: 305 mm
  • Maximum Capacity: Up to 288 fiber cores
  • Cable Ports: Two large ports (25mm each) and eight smaller ports (18mm each)
  • Seal Performance: Tested for air-tightness with no bubbles observed under specified testing conditions
  • Insulation Resistance: Exceeds 20kMΩ between the metal parts and the earth
  • High Voltage Resistance: No breakdown or flashover at 15kVdc for 1 minute
  • Axial Tensile Strength: Capable of withstanding a minimum of 1000N
  • Expected Lifetime: Designed to last for 25 years under normal operational conditions

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