144/288 cores Dome Type Splice Closure


Dome Type Splice Closure, as a waterproof splice closure is one of the main equipment for user access points, applied for protective connection and distribution between two or more cables.

The primary function is to connect distribution cable and indoor cable in the open air.
It’s widelyused in communication systems, cable TV, optical cable network systems and others
by virtue of steady structure, good sealing performance and easy construction

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Product Details

High-capacity dome splice closure aims to safeguard fiber optic splices and ensure seamless connectivity across your network.

This closure stands out for its durable build and comprehensive sealing capabilities, tailored for extreme environmental conditions.

fiber optic splice closure

Superior Material for Ultimate Durability

Constructed with impact-resistant PP, the CV027 dome splice closure is engineered to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, providing reliable protection against physical damage.

Heat Shrinkable Sealing for Enhanced Security

Featuring a heat shrinkable sealing structure, this closure guarantees IP68 waterproof and dust-proof performance, ensuring your fiber connections are protected from the elements.

Expansive Capacity and Port Options

Equipped with 24pcs OST-063 splice trays, the CV027 has a maximum capacity for 288 fiber splicings. The closure comes with multiple cable port options:

  • 16 round cable ports:
    • 4pcs Φ18mm
    • 4pcs Φ20mm
    • 8pcs Φ26mm
  • 1 oval port for cable entry without cutting

This array of ports offers flexibility for different cable sizes and the convenience of installation without the need to sever cables.

Versatile Applications for Diverse Environments

The black dome splice closure CV027 is versatile enough to meet various deployment needs:

  • Outdoor wall mounting
  • Pole mounting
  • Aerial hanging
  • Direct burying
  • Duct placement

It ensures optimal fiber optic splice protection and junction in temperatures ranging from -35℃ to 70℃, catering to cold and heat resistance, electrical insulation, and chemical corrosion resistance.

splice closure dimension
splice closure dimension
splice closure instruction
splice closure instruction


Item Dome Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure
Dimension 390mm×280x200mm
Material PC+ABS
Weight 3.1kg
Diameter of Cable(mm) IN:8-18.5 OUT: 6-1
No. of Cable
Number of Fibers per Tray 12(single core)
Max. Number of Tray 12
Max. Number of Fibers 144(single core)
Sealing of Inlet/Outlet
Mechanical seal
Sealing of Shells Silicon rubber
Working Temperature -40deg.C~80deg.C
Protection Grade IP67

Ord Infomation


1 The body is made of high quality engineering plastic with good strength;
2 With good waterproof design, the fiber optical splice closure can be applied into underground and aerial.
3 Be equipped with 12 splice trays (each capacity is 12 cores) ;
4 Excellent fiber routing design ensures the radius curvature of the fiber well and enough fiber storage space

Packing Info:

Carton packing: 8sets/carton

Carton size:83*58*40 cm

Weight: 25.8kg/carton

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