Rotary/Swing tray for ODF


The 1U ODF panel is a rack-mounted panel that provides excellent fiber and cable management for fiber interconnections in different locations.
ODF panels are completely made in China.

The panel consists of a pivot drawer located on the right.
The tray has 12 or 24 LC or SC SM adapters, which allows wiring and splicing up to 24F.

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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The Tray Pivots out to get access to the rear of the adapters and the Splice Trays.
The Panel can be mounted in 19” or 21” frame by refitting the side mounting brackets.
The Panel comes with brackets aligned for 19” mounting as standard.
The Splicing is carried out in two 12F Splice trays that are accessed by pivoting out the panel.
The Cable enters the Panel at the rear left side via a cable Gland. The Cable breaks-out in to two miniflex tubes at the rear that the two 12F tubes can be fed to the splice trays.
The Panel has a front flip-down door that has label ID for each port

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Tray Dimensions

The tray can be either 19”, or 21” Mounted.
These various mounting width can be changed by fitting different mounting brackets.
Depth = 280mm
Height = 1U

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