1×8 PLC Splitter IP66 Fiber Access Terminal Box


  • IP-66 water-proof design
  • Integrated splice cassette and cable management rods
  • Optimal fiber management
  • User-friendly maintenance and capacity expansion
  • Fiber bend radius control
  • Versatile splicing options
  • Optional 1*8 splitter installation
  • Effective cable management


  • FTTx networks
  • Fiber optic signal distribution
  • Connection security

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

The FAT-8T Fiber Access Terminal Box is designed as a comprehensive solution for managing up to 8 subscriber connections within FTTx networks.

This terminal box serves as an essential junction for feeder cables. Help interface with drop cables, encapsulating fiber splicing, splitting, distribution, and storage alongside cable connections within a single robust enclosure.

Main Features

  • IP-66 Water-Proof Design: Ensures top-tier protection against harsh environmental conditions.
  • Integrated Splice Cassette and Cable Management Rods: Provides seamless fiber organization and safekeeping.
  • Optimal Fiber Management: Maintains fibers in an appropriate bending radius to prevent signal loss.
  • User-Friendly Maintenance and Capacity Expansion: Simplifies upkeep and future network growth.
  • Fiber Bend Radius Control: Guarantees a bend radius over 40mm to protect signal integrity.
  • Versatile Splicing Options: Accommodates both fusion and mechanical splice methods.
  • Optional 1*8 Splitter Installation: Offers flexibility in managing signal distribution.
  • Effective Cable Management: Features 8 ports for drop cable entry, enabling tidy cable routing.

The FAT-8T Fiber Access Terminal Box has reliability and efficiency, facilitating smooth fiber optic signal distribution and connection security. It is the optimal choice for network engineers looking to streamline their FTTx infrastructure.

Explore the benefits of deploying our FAT-8T in your network to ensure superior protection and organization for your fiber optic connections.

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