2/3 in 2/3 out IP68 PP+GF Fiber Enclosure


  • Protection against corrosive substances and challenging weather conditions
  • Intuitive and durable design with pivoting splice trays
  • Reusability and cost-effectiveness
  • IP68 rating for dust and water protection
  • Sealing technology for durability across temperature range


  • Outdoor Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA) projects
  • Overhead lines, pipeline routes, direct burial, and branching configurations
  • Telecommunication network enhancements and broadband deployment

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Product Details

The GD-J016 Fiber Enclosure stands as an exemplary solution for safeguarding optical fiber connections in outdoor Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA) projects.

Designed to cater to diverse installation scenarios. This fiber optic splice closure is ideal for configurations such as overhead lines, pipeline routes, direct burial, and branching.

The enclosure’s construction from premium engineering plastics imparts exceptional resistance to corrosive substances. Like acid and alkali salts and withstands the rigors of aging and challenging weather conditions.

Intuitive and Durable Design

The fiber enclosure’s design prioritizes both functionality and aesthetics. Its internal splice trays, or FOSTs, are innovatively crafted to pivot akin to a book, affording a sufficient bend radius and ample space for winding optical fibers.

This design ensures a minimum curvature radius of 40mm, crucial for maintaining the integrity of the fibers during installation and throughout their service life.

Additionally, the individualized accessibility to each optical cable and fiber promotes effortless operations and maintenance.

Reusability and Cost-Effectiveness

A distinctive attribute of the GD-J016 Fiber Enclosure is its capacity for multiple uses. The ability to reopen and reuse the enclosure post-installation constitutes a significant advantage, offering extended service and potential cost reductions over time.

Engineered for Outdoor FTTA Rigors

This Fiber Enclosure is indispensable for outdoor FTTA installations with IP68 rating.

Its sealing technology, featuring silicon rubber and mechanical seals, provides superior durability and consistent performance across a broad temperature spectrum, from -40°C to 80°C.

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Reliable Performance for Your Network Expansion

Opting for the GD-J016 Fiber Enclosure equates to a secure and enduring investment for outdoor fiber optic networks.

This solution is tailored to meet the demands of telecommunication network enhancements and broadband deployment, delivering steadfast and uniform performance.

For further information or to discuss purchase options, please reach out to our sales team. Our commitment is to offer expert advice and support as you select the ideal fiber enclosure for your outdoor FTTA applications.

Ord Infomation

Product Specifications Details
Item Fiber Optic Splice Closure IN-LINE 2/3IN-2/3OUT
Dimensions (mm) 500mm x 230mm x 110mm
Material PP+GF
Weight (Kg) Approximately 2.85kg
Cable Diameter (mm) 8-18
Cable Entry Inlet/Outlet 2/3IN-2/3OUT
Fibers per Tray 12 (single core)
Maximum Trays 4
Maximum Fibers 48 (single core)
Sealing of Inlet/Outlet Ports Mechanical seal
Shell Sealing Silicon rubber
Operating Temperature -40°C to 80°C
Protection Grade IP68
Packing Information Details
Carton Packing 10 sets/carton
Carton Size 52cm x 48cm x 62cm
Weight 29.5kg/carton

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