2 Core Single Mode Armored Optic Fiber Patch Cord


  • Robust internal construction
  • Resilient outer sheath
  • High tensile strength
  • UV and stress crack resistance
  • Excellent crush resistance


  • Indoor wiring
  • Building integrated wiring
  • Inter-equipment connectivity

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

The armoured patch cord is engineered for environments where a standard patch cord would be prone to damage.

Our 2-core single-mode armoured fiber optic patch cord provides enhanced protection against physical stresses, ensuring signal integrity and durability in demanding settings.

Key Features of Our Armoured Patch Cord

  • Robust Internal Construction: The cable comprises two single-mode fibers, encased in a protective steel tape armour and high-strength aramid yarn for superior durability.
  • Resilient Outer Sheath: An additional layer of sheathing material is extruded over the armour, providing extra defense against external damage and wear.
  • High Tensile Strength: Offers greater resistance to pulling forces compared to standard patch cords, significantly reducing the risk of breakage.
  • UV and Stress Crack Resistance: The materials withstand the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and are resistant to stress cracking.
  • Excellent Crush Resistance: The metallic armouring ensures outstanding protection against side-pressure and impacts.

Flexibility and Mechanical Performance

Despite its ruggedness, our armoured patch cord maintains excellent flexibility and bending performance, making it suitable for various installation environments. The high-strength aramid reinforcement provides exceptional mechanical properties, while the metal armouring offers superior anti-crush capabilities.


  • Indoor Wiring: Ideal for creating a secure, protected link within buildings.
  • Building Integrated Wiring: Supports the complex cabling requirements of modern building infrastructures.
  • Inter-Equipment Connectivity: Serves as a reliable connection between devices in settings where standard cables might fail.


Our armoured patch cords can satisfy users who require the utmost in cable protection and performance. Whether laid in high-traffic areas, exposed to harsh environmental conditions, or used in areas with a high risk of physical damage, these patch cords provide a reliable and secure connection.

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