2~12 Cores Outdoor Central Tube Fiber Optic Cable


  • Fiber Core Count in 2 to 12
  • PBT material for the loose tube
  • High-strength phosphated steel wires
  • Suitable for both single-mode and multi-mode applications
  • Robust Armored Layer
  • Precise Outer Diameter
  • Installation Flexibility


  • Telecommunications Network
  • Data Center
  • Industrial Application
  • Campus Network
  • Outdoor Installation
  • Harsh Environment

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Experience reliable and high-performance outdoor fiber optic connectivity with GYXTW Outdoor Central Tube Cable.

With a production capacity of 200km per day and backed by 20 years of cable manufacturing expertise, Fibconet delivers exceptional quality and performance you can trust.

Key Features

  1. Fiber Core Count: Choose from 2 to 12 fiber cores, providing flexibility to meet your specific requirements for data transmission.
  2. Durable Construction: The loose tube is made of high-quality PBT material, offering excellent water resistance and strength. It ensures reliable protection for the optical fibers even in challenging outdoor environments.
  3. Enhanced Strength: Two high-strength phosphated steel wires serve as reinforcement elements, enhancing the cable’s mechanical performance and providing added durability.
  4. Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for both single-mode and multi-mode applications, ensuring compatibility with various network setups.
  5. Robust Armored Layer: The cable features a double-sided chrome-plated steel tape armor, delivering strong compression resistance and even offering bulletproof capabilities.
  6. Precise Outer Diameter: With an outer diameter ranging from 6.0 to 8.0mm (+/- 0.2mm), the cable maintains consistent dimensions, facilitating seamless installations.
  7. Wide Temperature Range: Designed to withstand extreme temperatures. The cable operates reliably within a temperature range of -40 to 60 degrees Celsius.
  8. Installation Flexibility: Whether you require conduit, aerial, or direct burial installation, Fibconet’s GYXTW cable accommodates various deployment scenarios with ease.

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Experiencing seamless network connectivity in any outdoor setting.

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