3-in-1 Waterproof Fiber Connector (Furukawa/Corning/Huawei Compatible)


  • Waterproof level: P68;
  • Compatible with Huawei waterproof connector;
  • Fully compatible with the connector systems of Corning Optitap connector;
  • Compatible with Furukawa slim connector;
  • Field installation, easily mounted on the field optical connector, no required for any specific tools or devices;
  • Low insert loss and high return loss;
  • High mechanical strength performance;
  • PEI material, Acid and alkali resistance, Ultraviolet resistance;
  • Outdoor use, 20-year service life;


  • FTTH
  • Outdoor FTTX Solution
  • Harsh Environment

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Product Details

This Waterproof Fiber Connector is a versatile three-in-one solution for different company projects.

This innovative connector is compatible with a variety of industry-leading systems, including Optitap by Corning, Huawei, and Furukawa’s slim connector.

Making it a universal choice for a broad range of outdoor fiber deployments.

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    • Waterproof Level IP68: Offers the highest degree of protection against water and dust ingress. Ensuring functionality in even the most challenging environmental conditions.
    • Multi-Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly connect with Huawei waterproof connectors. Fully compatible with Corning’s Optitap connector systems. Suitable for Furukawa’s slim connectors.
    • Versatile Cable Support: Accommodates a diverse range of cable types and sizes, including 3.0 mm round cable, 5.0 mm round cable, and 2×5 flat drop cable. It providing flexibility for different cabling requirements.
    • Field-Installable: Engineered for ease of installation in outdoor environments; no specialized tools or devices are necessary. Allowing for efficient, on-site assembly and maintenance.
    • Low Insertion Loss and High Return Loss: Maximizes the efficiency of the fiber connection with minimal signal loss. Superior performance for critical communications.
    • Robust Mechanical Strength: Built to withstand physical stress, providing a reliable and durable connection that maintains integrity under a variety of mechanical forces.
    • Durable PEI Material: Constructed from Polyetherimide (PEI) that offers excellent resistance to harsh chemicals, acid and alkali environments, and ultraviolet radiation.
    • Extended Outdoor Longevity: With a projected service life of 20 years. This connector is an investment in the longevity and reliability of your outdoor fiber network infrastructure.

waterproof fiber connector kits

waterproof fiber connector kits waterproof fiber connector kits waterproof fiber connector kits

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  • FTTH (Fiber to the Home): An integral component for creating a secure and weatherproof point of entry for fiber to residential homes.
  • Outdoor FTTx Solutions: Ideal for extending fiber optic networks to the curb, cabinet, building.
  • Harsh Environments: Specifically engineered to perform reliably in challenging outdoor conditions, ensuring consistent service in areas exposed to extreme weather or environmental hazards.

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