4-144 Core Rack-Mounted 19 inch Rack ODF


  • Designed for rack-mounted integration in 19-inch rack systems
  • Available in 4 to 144 core configurations for versatility
  • Modular design with 12-core trays for customized applications
  • Side entry points for easy cable management of ribbon and bundled cables
  • Support for various adapter types (FC, SC, LC) with a 30° angled installation
  • Thoughtful design for logical, searchable, and manageable cable distribution
  • Structurally sound and easy to install, operate, and manage
  • Materials with anti-corrosion properties and electrostatic treatment when necessary
  • Non-toxic and stable materials with no adverse effects on health or equipment


  • Office environments requiring centralized optical splitter networks
  • Fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) installations
  • Remote module offices
  • Wireless base station applications

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Our Optical Distribution Frames (ODF) are willing to be the backbone of your comprehensive cable distribution systems.

Seamlessly integrating into rack-mounted cabinets and network enclosures.

Ideal for office environments that require centralized optical splitter networks.

Versatile and Scalable Rack-Mounted Integration

Our ODFs are best for 19-inch rack installation, making them suitable for standard rack systems.

They accommodate 4 to 144 core configurations, ensuring versatility for small to medium-sized wiring systems.

Modular ODF Design for Customized Applications

Featuring a 12-core tray modular design crafted from high-quality engineering plastics, our ODFs allow for flexible configuration.

You can select and integrate the number of trays according to your specific operational needs, adding to the system’s scalability.

Comprehensive Cable Management

Side entry points ensure easy cable management for both ribbon and bundled cables, simplifying installation and maintenance.

The ODFs’ thoughtful design guarantees that cable distribution is logical, easily searchable and manageable.

Adaptable Connector Compatibility

Our ODF units support various adapter types, including FC, SC, LC, among others.

The adapters are installed at a 30° angle to prevent direct eye exposure to laser beams, enhancing user safety during operation.

Structurally Sound and Easy to Operate

The design of our ODFs prioritizes ease of use with features that ensure effortless installation, exceptional operability, and convenient management.

Their robust structure is crafted to withstand the rigors of network infrastructure demands.

Material Excellence for Longevity

The materials used in our ODFs boast anti-corrosion properties, with parts treated with electrostatic spray when necessary.

This ensures long-term durability and stability, with all materials being non-toxic, corrosion-free, with no adverse effects on human health or other equipment.

Fibconet ODF Features & Specifications:

  • Suitable for 19-inch rack installations
  • 4-144 core capacity with a 12-core tray modular design
  • Accepts ribbon and bundled cables with side entry points
  • Adaptable modular design for tray configuration
  • Adapter compatibility: FC, SC, LC, etc., with a 30° angled installation
  • Structured for easy cable management and operation
  • Anti-corrosion material construction, electrostatically treated as needed
  • Non-toxic, stable, and compatible material properties

With our ODF solutions, you can rest assured that your network’s structural integrity and performance are enhanced.

These units are not just a part of your network infrastructure; they’re a smart investment in the reliability and scalability of your communications systems.

Contact our expert team for more insights on our ODF offerings and how they can transform your network management!

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