Fiber Optic 400G OSFP Transceiver SR4


  • Four-channel, parallel, pluggable fiber-optic module
  • Integrates four data lanes in each direction with 4×53.125GBd
  • Supports multimode fiber systems with a wavelength of 850nm
  • Supports CMIS 5.2 defined Application Advertising, Selection, and Instantiation
  • Supports application selection and instantiation through programming or customization
  • Laser safety compliant with FDA/CDRH, IEC-60825-1, and IEC60825-2 standards


  • 400Gigabit Ethernet applications
  • Short-range data communication
  • Interconnect applications
  • Suitable for OM3 and OM4 multimode fiber systems
  • Ideal for data centers and high-speed networking environments

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Experience unprecedented speed and performance with our 400G OSFP SR4 module.

This four-channel, parallel, pluggable, fiber-optic OSFP is designed specifically for 400 Gigabit Ethernet applications.

It offers exceptional performance for short-range data communication and interconnect applications.

Unmatched Performance

Our OSFP module integrates four data lanes in each direction with a bandwidth of 4×53.125Gbps.

It is capable of delivering distances up to 60 meters over OM3 Multimode Fiber (MMF) or 100 meters over OM4 MMF.

Designed to operate over multimode fiber systems, it uses a nominal wavelength of 850nm.


Versatile Applications Support

The 400G OSFP SR4 supports Common Management Interface Specification (CMIS) 5.2-defined Application Advertising, Application Selection and Instantiation.

The host can select applications by programming the AppSel value in Staged Set 0. By default, AppSel=1 populate in the Active Control Set at power-on or reset.

Please note that while the module’s channels are independent, it does not support different applications with different channels at the same time.

The OSFP SR4 supports two methods of application selection and instantiation: one according to CMIS and a simpler, customized method.


Ensured Safety & Compliance

Safety is a top priority. The 400G OSFP SR4 modules are Class 1 Laser products, according to FDA/CDRH, IEC-60825-1, and IEC60825-2 standards.

They can operate under the specified operating conditions.

In terms of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), our 400G OSFP modules meet FCC Class B limits, ensuring minimal electromagnetic interference.

Innovative, reliable, and high-performing, our OSFP module is the optimal solution for your high-speed networking needs. Experience the future of connectivity today with 400G OSFP SR4.

Ord Infomation

Part Number Temperature


Distance Fiber Type E/O O/E Optical


R12OSFP-400G-SR4 0 to 70℃ 100m MMF VCSEL




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