• 1U device with support for up to 16x 100G client ports and 8x 200G or 4x 400G line ports
  • High total capacity of 1.6Tbps (3.2Tbps bidirectional)
  • Achieves higher transfer capacity through device stacking, up to 19.2Tbps (200G96ch@50GHz) or 25.6Tbps (400G64 75GHz or 400G48 100GHz)
  • Modular 1U chassis design with hot-swappable single boards for flexible upgrades and service expansion
  • Dual power supply compatibility (AC or DC with DC-48V)
  • Comprehensive network management protocol support: WEB, SNMP, CLI, TLI
  • Dual network management card support with 1+1 network function

Applications of the 400G DCI-BOX FW-8800:

  • Data center DCI interconnection
  • Metro access and aggregation
  • Optical transmission solutions for different capacities and transmission distances
  • Intelligent service applications

Additional information

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Fibconet has developed the 400G DCI-BOX FW-8800, a high-capacity Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) transmission product.

This device is primarily used in data center DCI interconnection, metro access, and aggregation.

It offers intelligent service applications and optical transmission solutions of varying capacities and transmission distances.

Key Specifications

  • Client Side Support: Each service card of the 400G DCI Box supports 4x100G (QSFP28).
  • Line Side Support: The device accommodates 1x400G (CFP2) on the line side.
  • Rack Mount: With 4 slots in a 1U rack mount, the capability to support up to 4x 400G transponder boards, reaching a total capacity of 1.6Tbps.

dcI box

Notable Features

  • High Capacity: The device supports a maximum of 16x100G on the client side and 8x200G or 4x400G on the line side in transmission. This allows for a total maximum capacity of 1.6Tbps (or 3.2Tbps bidirectionally) in a 1U device.
  • Scalability: The device can achieve higher transfer capacities through stacking, up to a maximum of 19.2Tbps (with 200G96ch@50GHz) or 25.6Tbps (with 400G64 at 75GHz or 400G*48 at 100GHz).
  • Modular Design: The 1U chassis features a modular design, with each board supporting a hot-swap design. This enables smooth upgrades and the flexibility to expand or delete services according to needs.
  • Power Supply: The device features a dual power supply, compatible with AC or DC power supply DC-48V.
  • Network Management: The device supports a comprehensive network management protocol, including WEB, SNMP, CLI, TLI, and other network management interfaces.
  • Network Redundancy: The device supports dual network management cards, offering a 1+1 network function to enhance reliability.

400g dcl box


Parameter Describe
Maximum capacity of a device 8X 200G/ 4X400G 1.6Tbps

Line side modulation mode


DP-16QAM@200G; DP-8QAM@200G; DP-QPSK@200G


Line side protocol SD-FEC/OpenROADM/OpenZR+
Service access type 100GE、100GE KR4、OTU4、FlexE、OTUCn

Standard network management function

The 400G DCI-BOX FW-8800 offers a comprehensive suite of standard network management functions.

It boasts compatibility with a variety of network management interfaces, including WEB, SNMP, CLI, and TLI. Furthermore, it supports dual network management cards, ensuring redundant network functionality for enhanced reliability and operational stability.

The device’s dual power supply is compatible with both AC and DC power supply DC-48V, providing flexibility and assurance for uninterrupted operation.


Enhanced optional features

The FW-8800 is equipped with a host of enhanced optional features for improved performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

These include support for over 1000+ real-time and historical alarm queries and performance metrics, allowing for in-depth analysis and swift problem resolution.

The device also provides 15-minute and 24-hour performance statistics, Ethernet RMON statistics, and LLDP monitoring functions.

For detailed signal transmission analysis, the FW-8800 offers DM delay testing and PRBS bit error testing, all designed to ensure optimal transmission integrity and efficiency.

Physical Network Topology chain, star, ring
Network management method SNMP、CLI、WEB、SDN、NMS
Environmental requirements Operating temperature -5℃~45℃
Storage temperature -40℃~85℃
Relative humidity 5%~95% non-condensing
Size 446(W)x46(H)x538(D) (mm)
Power requirements (nominal) 220V/AC, 50Hz; -48V/DC and 280VHVDC power supply (optional)
Power consumption <800W

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